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Dec 20, 2015
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Massachusetts, USA
Cut flower/Produce farmer

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Dedicated Member, Male, from Massachusetts, USA

So, today an asteroid will zip past Earth closer than most other discovered asteroids. Made me wonder if Minecraft will ever add space objects to the game that would provide ultra rare ores when they crash into the Wastelands? Jan 26, 2023 at 10:04 AM

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    1. farmerguyson
      I am now officially Addicted to the forums. 🙂
      1. Tuqueque
        Welcome to the club
        Aug 11, 2022
      2. farmerguyson
        Thank you! 😏
        Aug 11, 2022
      3. TomvanWijnen
        Congratulations! :D
        Aug 12, 2022
    2. farmerguyson
      I meant to say in the last status post, I'm feeling hot hot hot! Close to a 100 f here. If I had a pet Balrog it would be sitting under a shady tree sippin on an iced tea.
    3. farmerguyson
      Spending time at the latest Big Dig event. We're getting there.
    4. farmerguyson
      Are diamond blocks really that expensive?
      1. DrasLeona247 likes this.
      2. DrasLeona247
        Not really, quite easy to get. It's just due to the bidders not really understanding the current economy
        Jul 27, 2022
    5. farmerguyson
      Seriously, TopG had me pick all the livingroom pictures!? Isn't that open to individual interpretation? I just clicked every picture, and passed. I am a human, WooHoo!
    6. Tuqueque
      Beautiful farm in your profile pict
      1. farmerguyson
        Thank you. 🙂 I enjoyed standing in the middle of them. They were about 7' tall and the brightest yellow you could imagine. I think this year might be just like that one, I hope.
        Jul 18, 2022
    7. farmerguyson
      I helped harvest our garlic a couple days ago. The weather was perfect for them to grow to the largest I'd ever grown. We harvested just shy of 1500 heads. I do like cooking with garlic. 🙂
      1. Tuqueque likes this.
    8. farmerguyson
      Sand room, top floor back, of my smp3 farmerguyson-2 shop is fully restocked for those that need bulk sand. 🙂
      1. DrasLeona247 likes this.
    9. farmerguyson
      Ok, I just came across the worst ever 'I am not a Robot' voting puzzle...pick the domestic cat! What!?, some of the pics are so close up it could be wild or domestic.
    10. farmerguyson
      Hey there, all thumbs on this phone, pressed post before I even started. Been busy planting and weeding irl so haven't posted for a while but have been in game every night. I have to admit though I've fallen asleep at the kbd more than once in the past week. 🙂
      1. MoreMoople likes this.
      2. farmerguyson
        I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.
        Jul 9, 2022
    11. farmerguyson
      I'm surprised frogs don't drop frog legs when killed. It was considered food irl, maybe it still is.
    12. farmerguyson
      Made it to vote bonus 1800!
    13. farmerguyson
      Ah yes, the yearly challenge of harvesting food from the gardens before the critters get it has begun. I was looking forward to fresh raspberries today but a Carolina Wren needed all of them to fed the young. I'll have to get up earlier.
      1. UltiPig likes this.
    14. farmerguyson
      Using the pre waste reset time to add to my shop and organize my storage. I can remove more than half of my storage chests when I repack them using shulkers. I'm also giving some thought of building something. Problem is I'm not that creative.
    15. farmerguyson
      Woah! Look at thi..oh never mind.
    16. farmerguyson
      Is there a jelly bean that could be considered better than Jelly Belly's? I just ate a couple handfuls of Jelly Belly's so that's the reasoning behind the question. 😀
    17. farmerguyson
      In game, working on clearing a desert of all it's sand. 🙂 IRL, planting 200 Asparagus plants. 😀
      1. MoreMoople likes this.
      2. MoreMoople
        Yum! I love asparagus :)
        Good luck with both!
        Jun 1, 2022
    18. farmerguyson
      If anyone is looking for low cost sand, the bulk sand room of my shop, /v 7866 smp3 top floor back, is once again fully stocked.
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    Massachusetts, USA
    Cut flower/Produce farmer
    I'm a farmer in real life. I used to be the Sr. Diagnostic Software Engineer for an image processing company.

    I took the picture below in 2020. People love sunflowers so I grow as many as possible each year to sell. The flowers in the field have been used many times over the years as a background for someone's photo. That's what it's all about, really. Doing something I enjoy to try to brighten the lives of others.

    That's the upper part of my field and my house in the background.