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Dec 20, 2015
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Massachusetts, USA
Cut flower/Produce farmer

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Dedicated Member, Male, from Massachusetts, USA

So, today an asteroid will zip past Earth closer than most other discovered asteroids. Made me wonder if Minecraft will ever add space objects to the game that would provide ultra rare ores when they crash into the Wastelands? Jan 26, 2023 at 10:04 AM

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    1. aletrisrex
      avatar sound cool! :D
    2. MoreMoople
      I like your new avatar! :D
      1. UltiPig likes this.
      2. farmerguyson
        Thank you. I figured a bright sunflower avatar would give off a much needed cheerful vibe. Sunflowers also have an important support message to them this year. That is why I am working to have a great display of them this year.
        May 29, 2022
    3. farmerguyson
      Going with the Hazelnut coffee this morning.
    4. farmerguyson
      Heating franks and beans for lunch. Mmmm...
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      2. crystaldragon13
        mmm.. sounds good to me. =D
        May 28, 2022
    5. farmerguyson
      Been spending most of my time under water gathering coal ore. The only thing I fear is the Drowned throwing tridents. Those guys have a great arm and perfect aim. They should start a baseball team.
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    6. farmerguyson
      Found my first copper ore vein yesterday. It was a small one that yielded 9 stacks of ore. It was a fun find. There is a ton of stuff to discover in the Wasteland.
      1. crystaldragon13 likes this.
    7. farmerguyson
      In my travels through Wasteland's waterways I've noticed Lush Cave biomes are very common. Most are massive.
    8. farmerguyson
      Feeling much better. I guess there was an authentication problem preventing me from getting in game. Once in game I found some awesomely huge underwater caves to explore. Ah, life is normal again.
      1. crystaldragon13 likes this.
    9. farmerguyson
      Grumpy because I can't get in game. The launcher is stuck at Play Demo. This is a serious problem. I need a couple hours in game each night otherwise I feel like I'm missing something...okay! I'm addicted, there I said it. 🙂
      1. crystaldragon13 likes this.
    10. farmerguyson
      Does anyone else enjoy Rhubarb? It has been a few years since the plants I have produced nice stalks. I just picked a few and I am makinf Rhubarb sauce. Mmmm. The aroma brings back so many great childhood memories.
      1. TomvanWijnen likes this.
      2. TomvanWijnen
        Yes! Rhubarb is delicious!
        May 19, 2022
    11. farmerguyson
      So, we are going to find out today if UFO's are really out there. 👽
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    12. farmerguyson
      I've been waiting for the wind to die down for the past five days so I can lime the field. Obviously we need wind but not so much of it. Otherwise, it's a nice sunny day.
      1. JesusPower2 likes this.
    13. farmerguyson
      I'm a 1 Million Rupee Man for the third time in the almost 7 yrs on EMC. 😁 The 1st tme I bought a Perm Res for my son, 2nd time was a Perm Res for me. I think this time I'll use it to help get new player shops going. Thank you to everyone that helped me reach this goal.
      1. JesusPower2 and jewel_king like this.
    14. farmerguyson
      What an awesome day today has turned out to be. The weather is perfect. Two Baltimore Orioles moved into my yard today and have been singing all day. It's peaceful. 🙂
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      2. Silken_thread
        Nice, I thought you meant Oreos at first :D
        May 5, 2022
      3. farmerguyson
        My comment could have been, What an awesome day, sitting outside with a large glass of cold milk and a fresh unopened package of Oreos. Mmmm.
        May 5, 2022
      4. crystaldragon13
        That would be a nice slice of peaceful for me as well. Glad you're getting to enjoy some peace in the world. =]
        May 6, 2022
    15. farmerguyson
      I've been busy harvesting Shroomlights for a good cause that I get paid for. It's slow going though.
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    16. farmerguyson
      Due to popular damand I refilled the bulk sand chests in my shop. Top floor back of building.
      1. DrasLeona247 likes this.
    17. farmerguyson
      I am now adored on the forums. Thanks to equinox_boss liking a ton of my posts. 🙂
      1. aletrisrex
        yea, and he also like to me much as well :d
        Apr 26, 2022
    18. farmerguyson
      Bulk sand in my shop has been restocked
    19. farmerguyson
      Finally got in game. Just had to give MS time to find my account for me.
      1. UltiPig likes this.
    20. farmerguyson
      I'm having difficulty signing in today. First attempt said I didn't have a MC account. Third attempt now just says preparing. :(
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    Massachusetts, USA
    Cut flower/Produce farmer
    I'm a farmer in real life. I used to be the Sr. Diagnostic Software Engineer for an image processing company.

    I took the picture below in 2020. People love sunflowers so I grow as many as possible each year to sell. The flowers in the field have been used many times over the years as a background for someone's photo. That's what it's all about, really. Doing something I enjoy to try to brighten the lives of others.

    That's the upper part of my field and my house in the background.