Regulations for Approved Mods

Jul 24, 2017
Regulations for Approved Mods
  • Some modifications can be multi-functional, with certain features disallowed under EMC rules (see the Rules and Moderation and Using Mods on the Empire pages) but others permissible. Thus, the overall mod itself is listed as approved with some regulations which can be found on this page.

    Note that unless listed under Approved Mods or Incompatible Mods, mods must be approved through the Request a Mod page before being used on EMC.

    General functions: Macro/Keybind Mod and other automation/scripting mods(top)

    No AFK world interaction(top)

    If you are not sitting behind your computer screen and awake, then you are AFK. If reported, staff will attempt to contact you. If you do not answer, then you will be kicked off the server. Interactions with the world in any way while AFK is using mods illegally and will be treated as such.

    Macros must not exceed normal play ability(top)

    If your macro mod (or other mod) is set to click at 25 times per second, that's not possible when playing legit, vanilla Minecraft. There are now limitations in place to prevent anything greater than 10 clicks per second, but if you find a bypass for this and are caught using fast-clicking or performing any action you would not be able to do without a macro or similar mod, you will be banned for illegal mods.

    Macros/automation need to be linked to player action in a one-to-one set up during Villager Trades(top)

    If you set up a key to make a trade with a villager, then you need to hit that key for each trade you make. If you trade 25 times, then you need to have pressed that macro key 25 times. Anything more than this is abuse of the system and will be treated as such. If you hit the macro key once and it trades 25 times, that is NOT allowed and you need to modify your macro.

    IMPORTANT: Crafting Mods(top)

    Any and all crafting mods may never surpass vanilla Minecraft functionality/capability. If you have a question regarding this, please message on the forums.

    IMPORTANT: Schematica printer feature limitation(top)

    While Schematica can be used for producing an outline to place blocks in, the Printer function must not be used. This feature automates block-placing, thus violating the above regulations and general EMC rules.

    Map radars(top)

    The use of these functions in any way (including, but not limited to, mob and cave hunting) is considered cheating and is thus against EMC rules. Some map mods may require you to disable radar features while others will have them disabled by default. Any mod with constant radar features is not allowed.

    EMC allows modifications that don't give an unfair advantage over others.

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