When you realize its been 2 years since we got an update

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  1. oh goodness here we go! Ready the defences! Ready the cannons! Archers at the ready!
  2. The title does not correspond with the content of your post.
  3. This will definately make it come out faster. :rolleyes:
  4. We... already have countless threads addressing the issue, and we have almost an equal amount of responses from the staff regarding the issue. :)
  5. literally dont care i have expansive and amazing looking oceans, bees, and all the vibes i need in singleplayer
  6. Feed the Chickeneer and hope an update comes :p
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  7. Dont worry, its coming...... eventually
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  8. I'm agreeing with you but posting about it won't do you much
  9. When you realise Minecraft Java edition is still receiving content updates after 8 years
  10. Is that really such a huge issue? Did the game become boring just because it is not the latest available version?

    As long as the game is fun to play, and you can enjoy it with online pals, what's wrong? I admit it is somehow refreshing to have an environment in which many players just seem to be running after the latest trendy items, and instead focus on building great stuff.

    Carpe Diem!
  11. Very much so, yes.
  12. I suggest a long project that will take a long time so it takes your mind of updating and more on getting the project done

    Like mining out a 5x5 chunk space (i need help! 20k out in the wild though :( so ye)
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  13. But ive already done an 8x8!!!
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  14. you? :rolleyes:
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  15. Why not just add two more years
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  16. 16x16?
  17. hmmmmmmm maybe u actually
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  18. I mean, the declining server population makes it seem so, and I'd say it is. The server doesn't exactly add a huge amount of content with depth in it, and the community is the only thing that really holds it together. With no community there really isn't much fun...

    If you don't enjoy making huge structures and instead prefer playing around in survival and maybe selling some stuff you get for money and chatting with people, the server becomes very boring very quick. Not to mention that the economy started to go in to shambles when it started to become a promo economy. Now that the promo economy is gone there really isn't much left.