When you realize its been 2 years since we got an update

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  1. As it's been said the issues have been addressed before by the staff already. Aikar and those who are working on getting the updates ready are doing the best they can in order to launch it on EMC as soon as they can. Try to keep in mind that coding in itself takes a while to do and EMC uses custom coding for bring the things that bring the uniqueness to the server.

    1.13 itself had been said to have a lot of issues that even mod creators were having extreme issues getting their mods to work properly in it. From what I've heard 1.13 alone has a lot of issues with lag. Aikar and the others want to make sure things will run smoothly before implementing the newer updates so that there isn't a ton of problems.

    They don't want to push something out without doing so just to get the new content out sooner and end up having the servers lagging, crashing, and who knows what else messing up just because they tried to put it out before it was truly ready.

    I understand the anticipation of the new blocks, mobs, and features. (I want to build my fox army very much so and to have all those lovely new blocks to build amazing new things on EMC.) But despite how much I would love to have it right this minute I'd rather them take their time and fix the underlining issues and not have everything break left and right.

    It will come in time even if it takes a while. Please just try to understand it's not an easy or quick process for them. They have other things to focus on outside of the update coding and give them time to fix what needs to be worked on before ultimately updating the server.
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  2. I do understand the issues the dev team is having, but it’s to a point that I’d rather have a release now with bugs fixed as they’re discovered than go another year on 1.12.2 and then get a perfect 1.14 update as 1.16 snapshots begin to roll out. Really, it’s sad, I love this place, but like, there’s some 30-50 people on depending on what time it is and I feel like an update (as well as some advertising) would bring us back up to speed.

    Also, in reference to the economy, it’s literally dead. No horse shop buyers, no promo shop buyers, nobody cares, the only thing left is people doing big projects and such, so cash doesn’t flow, it just sits where it is.
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  3. Having an unstable/unplayable game will not do anything to bump up numbers. How long do you think any new person will stay if they can't do much? This isn't an EMC issue. The majority of popular MC servers are still on 1.12.2 as well. Everyone is hurting because of this. If Mojang would just knock it off and fit their game for once, then updates would not require this much work.
  4. Someone will have to explain to me how promos ruined the regular economy. Rupees come in to the game from loging and voting... and if i didnt have promos to spend 10 million on I still wouldnt have bought 10 mil in blocks and utilities.. so... ??
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  5. The promo prices themselves are blown way out of wack for the higher end stuff but I don't think that's what ruined the economy in total. With so many people having so many items with no one to buy them, stock continues to grow without it going anywhere.
  6. I dont know about promos being out of whack.. supply and demand.. and as there seems to be ample rupees in the economy prices continue to rise. In the end the only two things to spend on are vanilla items.. which i have bought plenty... and promos. There are no fixed costs as irl such as food.. electricity.. taxes..yet rupees income still flows in with nothing else to spend it on.

    I do still buy blocks frequently.. but i guess where depends on prices... but if those shop owners arent after rupess to buy promos... what exactly do they plan to spend the extra income on?
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  7. Normally yes but for promos it's been more of spending far more then it's actual worth so that I get something I want. This is been true for most of the rarer items. Then people assume that's it's worth because that's what last person paid.
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  8. But thats my point, supply and demand is based on what amount someone is willing to pay (you) for items (rarer promos) This is simply because you must have an excess/redundant amount of rupees to spend

    irl my car sold for about $3000 in 1972, i paid $20000 for it 6 years ago. (and got a very good deal imo)

    Other vehicles bought at the same price as mine in 1972 often go for 50000-200000. Even up to 1 million dollars, because they were rare. Those people (and I) are paying much more than the items "worth" but value is simply in the eye of the beholder. Again it is a result of excess cash or disposable income.
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  9. Supply and demand is one thing but someone comes along and pays double it worth simple to get it over anyone else, that throws everything out of wack. It's like going to the store and paying $1000 for a bag of chips because you want it. For years it was reasonable increases (even rares) then new people came along trying to build up their collections and were offering way more then it's worth because they were getting loads of R from irl money purchases.
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  10. The ultimate question is this:

    Can anything be done to fix the economy?

    I've talked to my friend Willies952002, and he said that before the empire shop was removed in 2015(?), it helped keep things stable (if that's the right word he said? I don't remember). I'm not an economist, so I don't understand why that would be the case, but I do know that the economy is almost non-existent these days.
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  11. The part that is unstable is a constant influx of rupees with no significant output.

    We need more of what would remove the rupees fully from the economy. Promos don't remove rupees. The empire shop doesn't either, except when taking advantage of new players not knowing true prices. The imbalance of voting rewards pumping rupees in and no non-tangible way to remove them is the problem. (I personally have had an issue with the obscene voting reward values, and made this well-known from the start, but that's a disagreement between Aikar and I)

    Example of what I mean by non-tangible:
    • SS service for a road edit (you can't resell it)
    • Price for transferring residences between accounts
    • Locking chests fee
    • etc...
    Non-tangible services need to be something that can have rupees spent, but not GAIN rupees later.
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  12. I guess maybe EMC needs to do some brainstorming on how we can get rid of more rupees faster imo. No ideas at the moment but majority of non-staff service spending will probably require some coding.
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  13. There's always the (horrific) possibility we could fix the situation with inflation?

    I know it's not a long-term fix, rather it is a short term fix. (A horrible one at that...)
  14. Yes would have to be more sales that go to EMC.

    One idea comes to mind... what if the build team sold builds to the public of things they had created? An example.. one of the Dragons from Anaetiem placed on someones res for XXX rupees. Or a building from Halloween town.

    A number of people love good builds but cant / wont make them.

    Maybe have players buy the total items needed (boost economy) and build teams stuff could be copy/paste with a fee per block ? Removes rupees fron economy..
  15. Free starter items, free residence, free promos, free rupees, free voters gear, anything else?

    Out of all that, the voters is quite significant, unbreakable pickaxe with fortune III? So no reason to ever buy or make a diamond pickaxe ever again. Less significant now that the all-time economy killer was added, Mending.

    Then there are the auto farms and constant resetting wastes that lead to an infinite supply of materials. All harvested with tools that are unbreakable or have mending.

    Because there are no money sinks (taxes, rates, house repairs, item repairs, ) cash is not leaving the economy.

    That leaves money for promos. Promos are not the disease, they are a symptom.

    So what do we do? For me the simplest is to allow dereliction protection to be purchased with rupees. Iron vouchers were around 90k rupees when I took a break a year ago. So perhaps 100k per month for additional protection? That would push the price of iron vouchers up to at least 100k as the vouchers have a few extra benefits. That then pushes up the price of gold and diamond vouchers again. /res derelictprotection on - one month after last login it starts deducting 100k from your rupees balance. If balance is below 100k, then the normal one month grace occurs.

    Another option is to have another SS service, Backup your Res. 500k per res maybe? A full copy of your res backed up to a storage location (world edit schematic). Maybe this could be automated to backup any res over a year old that goes derelict. Of course things like res tags and locations would probably be lost but that is far better than losing builds and items, especially rare promos. Make it too cheap and perm derelict protection vouchers become devalued. But with perm protection you don't lose anything so again the voucher is better value (when you have multiple res to protect).

    Sure, people having access to all their stuff when they return is good for them but it means more stuff in the economy. The upside is they will feel a lot better losing all their cash rather than losing all their promos and builds.

    Perhaps also promos in future should all be purchased. At least that will take some cash out of the economy. You would still only be able to get one of them.

    What about paying to go to events? I would have paid 20-100k to go to the Halloween event. It was awesome and you got a unique reward for it. The people using real cash to have multiple alts will end up spending millions for them all to go through. A small way to even up the multi-alt megafarmers to the people with just one account.

    Another suggestion is something Mojang probably needs to do with vanilla, add a lifespan to items. Perishables are not perishable in minecraft, food lasts forever instead of spoiling. Wood could rot or get termites, rain can erode stone, traffic can damage carpets but none of these things are in Minecraft. Having a Use By date would be a huge boost to an economy server, providing a reason to rebuild, repair or replace.

    And finally, remove Mending. It destroyed the enchanted book and enchanted gear markets. People still buy books and gear but not anywhere near the same amount. It is an economy-killer as any armor, weapons or tools can be repaired just from farming some wheat. Seems insane. (Can Mending be adjusted so it does far less repair per xp? That could help somewhat).
  16. I think that you and I are on the same level here. I always thought that Mending would ruin the economy in some way, shape or form.

    I have it on all the tools and armor I have and, likewise with what you said, I have no need to buy any more iron for anvils, enchanted books for enchanting or diamonds for making tools/armor. However... I do not know if disabling it entirely would go over well with the public. I think the other ideas you mentioned may appeal more to others than disabling mending as a whole.
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  17. Going to 1.14....I got t add to this convo. SAy godbye to all your villagers. The entire villager mechanics have changed and 1.12 villagers are dead in 1.14. Not mre dooors. Beds are the new thing and you gtta give things to villager to give them an occupation they are dumb until you do that. at least the brwn coat ones. The green coat ones are nitwits and don't learn anything. omg.
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  18. From the MC wiki, "collected experience orbs repair the item at a rate of 2 durability per XP". Perhaps halving that, 1 per 1 would help somewhat, spending twice as long and/or twice as much xp to repair stuff makes it more valuable and means more chance of the gear failing.

    We've had two big Survival Updates to EMC, after 1.14 should we have a mega Economy Update?
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  19. Opinions below are mine alone and I do not speak for the development team, except when stating something is already planned.
    Derelict protection is a unique monster to deal with. I like somewhat the ideal behind your idea, but a derelict voucher is permanent and right now in-game value is set by players and what they are willing to pay for it. I'm not quite certain that there would be as much interest as you believe there to be.

    Auto-backing up residences is already planned and announced to prevent fall-out when players lose their res due to the derelict system. With it already announced as planned available for all, not likely to backtrack and change to a paid program. Access is to prevent fall-out for all players who take extended breaks, and not just the wealthy.

    Promotional items are not meant to be only for the wealthy. They are meant to celebrate an event and available to all in most cases. We have a balance of items that require effort or rupees, and some that don't. Players setting high values on promos is not something that staff can control. It's based on supply and demand after the promo limited run is over.

    Paying to participate in an event designed for community enjoyment is not our focus either and goes against the very founding of every event we hold: to bring the community together for fun.

    We added fragile items and items that do expire. Mojang could probably add more, I do agree.

    Mending is a part of Minecraft now. As versions update, we must adapt to the changes made. Lapis used to be more available, now it's not. Villager mechanics continue to change.... That's just a factor of having a version update and we cannot stunt the game and remove it because it damages some portion of our economy. Modifying it, maybe, but it would have to be subtle so as to not cause a major difference to the mechanics.
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  20. In reference to mending I agree that items are not replaced as often. I do happen to like my rare mending and infinity bow before MC nixed putting them two together on one bow. It seems to me swords and bows along with armor get the best benifit out of mending. I can say that so much for tools like picks and axes. I still go through those things and need new ones mending or not... or I am doing something wrong with fortune and silk touch picks. I made it a point to win an auction of mending books so I didn't go through my gear so quick but eventually if your not doing it right, like me, I kill them off anyway. Only thing I actually own that I have never broke is my OP fishing rod cause the XP from the fishing is enough to always mend it. I can't say the same for the rest of my gear. It don't wear as fast but it wears down if you don't pay attention to it and I have no clue how to fix that so I am always either looking for or making new OP gear.
    That is my two cents on mending in general.