[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. Will this be done to every single chunk of the map or just previously discovered chunks?
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  2. Only previously discovered chunks need converted. New chunks are created with the new format
  3. Got a couple of other things done. But I did spend my Saturday/Sunday with Irl things - with going back to work Monday.
    This next week, I do not anticipate much 'code' being written, but my goal is to finalize my to do list and similar.
    Also I am prioritizing getting more people involved now in the testing process, so they can find all of my broken things.

    Likely will be a couple weeks before I give another public update. Please don't take this to mean I have abandoned what I have mentioned here. Talk to you all then.
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  4. Here is another update for a few things I was able to do last night and today. Not all pleasant news. Please read with some understanding. :)
    • Vaults will lose their navigation row (7th row). This was due to upstream changes to the system. It is unknown to me whether I could hack around it; but this route ensures the long term stability of our vault system. Modifications were made to the system to alleviate this removal.
    • Fixed some WorldEdit issues I was experiencing. We use the WorldEdit api, and some of their changes broke our code (those issues are fixed).
    • Increased the height limit for firework use while gliding. From y=200 to y=300.
    • 'Special' fireworks will be blocked from firing from crossbows. Regular fireworks will consume and shoot just like vanilla.
    • Fixed some issues with wastelands.
    • Fixed several issues with local chat.
    • Various code cleanup from recent reworking of various systems.
    • Adjusted eggification logic to allow Trader llamas to be eggified. Also apply new features to cat eggification - retain cat type... and the collar color.
    • Disabled raids and pillagers. Hopefully this is temporary, but there are balancing and lag issues associated with these currently. I am wanting to work on the more general features before modifying this 1.14 feature to match EMC's needs. So this is in the interest of an earlier release (in theory).
    That is the noteworthy changelog from last week. We have a testing server setup for staff to access. This is currently restricted only staff. To anticipate the question, there is not currently plans to open this testing up to non-staff. Currently, more testers would not speed up the update process - due to my personal time constraints.
    The biggest known issue is still things regarding data conversion. I am definitely still getting errors. As previously mentioned, I won't get long enough time to dedicate to this problem till my winter break.
    In my opinion, the state of the update is very good. Currently. The plan is to update to 1.14.4. 1.15 is due to release in a few days, but I am anticipating us being able to release 1.14 before 1.15 is stable.
  5. Love this. These guys are like rats. You stay in an area long enough and there can be hundreds of them.
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  6. Woop! Thank you for your hard work with all this technical converting. I understand that you're hoping to knock out a lot of this during your winter break, but do try and remember that what you need matters also. This must be a long heavy haul with work already, and the pressing of impatient bystanders. I know many of us really want to update, but you shouldn't feel like you can't take a break if you need one. Still though, as always, it's great to be kept in the loop. Thank you for another update! Cheers Chicken! ;)

    Vaults losing the navbar - Not super awesome, but if this is how we NEED to move forward, I'm all in. Stability sounds good. Will it be reinstated at a later date?

    Firework height limit increased! Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a must-have, thank you! If you have near max-height builds, you can see why this would be an issue.

    Raids disabled for the time being - I really hope you guys can make this more optional based as time permits. It could be a good thing for groups, but avoidable if solo players don't want to take the risk.
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  7. Yeah. I want to have the new mobs. And the concept of a raid sounds really cool. Just is super broken. Not to mention overly farmable.

    Unlikely. The 7th row in a chest was never really a supported feature from vanilla/bukkit/spigot. Just something I found a cool use for. My remediation, was to go back to /vaults when you close your vault. So still should be quicker than the old way (commands only).
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  8. i don't see this being much of a problem for people. yea, it was nice to have, but meh. :p
    hard facts.
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  9. RIP now its going to be hard to go through 255 vaults again :eek:
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  10. Lol
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  11. You shouldn't have to. :p If you actually use your vault for sorted storage, you should probably find a good naming scheme anyway, and if you use it to dump stuff in, you could use binary search to find the first page with space. ;)
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  12. If I'm understanding it properly: I'd find it annoying to have to close my vault twice to exit it. When moving large amounts of stuff it'll take much longer, and be confusing. Vault is double esc, chest is single esc. Do a double esc on a chest and you're in the menu... Perhaps only have it go to /vaults when closing when you opened it with /vaults in the first place?
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  13. Yeah. I have thought about that. And agree that this would probably be the preferred way to implement it.
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  14. Or possibly have it as a player setting, to choose when you close it if you want to go to /vaults or exit out of it entirely.
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  15. It's a possibility, I suppose, but I think we should be reluctant on adding more player options. They complicate the user experience (different experiences for different players, and more settings to go through when you're trying to find something) and also the system (more checks).
  16. and this is why i build storage systems as a side job on emc
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  17. wait so if i am understanding correctly, this means we’re back to all commands rather than the navigation deco heads for the vault interface?

    aw heck..
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  18. Assuming you were not being rhetorical... Yes the navigation buttons at the bottom will be gone. But the /vaults aspect is improved to help couterbalance this.

    Here is a simple example. You all will have to relearn how to use vaults quickly. But I am fairly confident you can still check vaults quickly. In the example, you will notice that the cursor resets - this is due to the player pressing the ESC key - and is a limitation of the vanilla client.
    Note that the icons are for Diamond+ still.
  19. oooooo i like this! sorry, to clarify i wasnt being rhetorical, i genuinely didn’t understand
  20. also, out of curiosity, will this vault change be released before the 1.13/1.14 update, or will it be separate?