[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. An Update from the Devs and Info on 1.13/1.14 Progress!

    Good day everyone! Fyi to all we sent out a small update this morning. Below is the changelog on that update.
    • Fixed the /server command. /server smp1 was pulling up an interface, instead of just sending you.
    • Markdown now does not process people's name containing underscores _.
    • Enraged Shulker spawn rates have been nerfed a bit.
    • Improve color code handling on signs. Before the update, if you wanted to type "You & Me". You had to type "You && Me". The extra & is no longer necessary except by a valid color code.
    • Fixed some command issues with residence commands where the !resname would not work.
    • Updated ViaVersion to allow 1.14.3 clients to connect.
    Also, an update on 1.13/1.14.
    Progress continues on the update. As of right now, the baseline server is still too unstable to give an ETA on when we will update. There are major performance problems, and we have data integrity issues that we are still working on, on our end.
    But I have been working on things! I am eager to announce the following updates which Will come alongside the 1.13/1.14 update. I have these all working.
    • Cross-server chat. Including /tells and community chat across all servers - we are taking steps beyond this to improve the overall chat experience as it comes to the potential downside of cross-server spam. We do not plan to make the TAB list cross-server nor the connects/disconnects. I acknowledge this may be controversial. It can be a confusing experience either way...
    • Empires (not land-claiming outposts). Call them clans/guilds/whatever. More explanation will be given later what exactly this entails, but there will be a cross-server chat channel for them as well.
    • Eggification. More information will be saved about your animals when you eggify them. For example sheep will keep their color, parrots will stay the same type, etc. Exact behavior is subject to change before we release, so I would encourage everyone not too worry too much - except to make room in your shops ;)
    • Per block type residence flags. I actually don't have this one done yet, but I plan on getting this working for the update. It is low priority compared with other things.
    Due to the crazy large amount of changes that have happened in this update, it is impractical to backport these changes to 1.12 without a significant amount of wasted effort.
    There have been major changes to the Residence, Eggification, Shop, and Chat code. The big picture behavior will be the same, but there will be minor differences which would take too long to enumerate. These changes to the core of our code allows us to expand on those systems in the future.
    Additionally, 1.13 included the Flattening. This involved a lot of code changes with minimal change to what you experience.
    Now some comments on 1.13/1.14 specific features. I may not have an answer for how "FILL_IN_THE_BLANK" will work. You can ask how something will work, but PLEASE do not get upset with me when I give you a vague/uncertain/nonexistent answer. I will edit in more later. At the time of writing the thread, I couldn't think about what to include. See the MC Wiki changes for 1.13/1.14?

    • Add enraged versions of new hostile mobs. And heads for the new mobs as well.
    • Games server will lose several of its command block ran stuff. We do not have an answer how much will be available at the time of our update.
    Some preliminary work has been done on new player experience, but I am doubtful that will be done by the time of the 1.13/1.14 update.
    (I will be afk for a while after posting this thread, but will respond when I get back)
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  2. Woot woot. Thanks for the succinct update. Now some errant comments I've seen in dev channels actually make sense...

    As always, don't forget you can see some details on items the development team is working on at https://track.emc.gs/issues
  3. Awesome :) Thank you for the update!
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  4. woot just tried 1.14 for the first time yesterday
  5. You have my utter respect and sympathy for working on such a huge puzzle, you and all the devs. Take your time. Make it good. :)
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  6. Thanks for keeping us up to date :D
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  7. Thanks!

    My prediction for 1.13 was set for march... failed.

    I predict we will get 1.13/1.14 on January 3rd, at 3:00 pm EST in 2020.
  8. So with the global chat thing, when someone joins will it Say "MoreMoople has joined SMP3, last seen 10 hours and 37 minutes ago" to all of the servers?
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  10. Thanks, I obviously did not read it good enough.
  11. It is well. And we may add an option for people to receive that cross-server for just themselves. But the default behavior will not be global as the spam would be really bad; everyone would just turn them off entirely. :)
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  12. Awesome! Thanks 4 update :)
  13. Thanks for the update :)
  14. Yes Please!!! 100% would love the option to see log in messages from all SMPs
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  15. Btw, stop breaking things. :p
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  16. i mean, i more find broken stuff then break it :oops:
  17. Alright! Thanks so much for the update! I can't wait to see all the new changes! Take as much time as you need! Anything to make sure EMC is worked into perfection :D
  18. Awesome! thanks Devs! and Staff!
  19. I am so happy the update comes out :)

  20. What did you break? Sigh