[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. huh. that is weird. Scratching that off of the fixed list.
    Looks like I probably made it worse. Lol
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  2. So if I spawn a farmer will it always be a farmer or will I have the chance to get a cleric, etc?
  3. They dont have jobs until you give them a work station so you can make them anything you want them to be
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  4. I wonder what enraged-shulker farming madman could have influenced that hehe
    *laughs in DC of shulker shells*
  5. It hasn't been nerfed entirely yet...
  6. Well, as long as you didn't nerf the initial spawn delay, my farms work just fine, so any other changes I might not be noticing as much.
    On a side note, pls dont nerf the initial spawn delay.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't the dev who tried to nerf it. I think I know what they should have done.
  8. shhhhhh i've made this information public for months, im sure the other dev knew what they were doing ;)
  9. You? Lol
  10. Bruh i wish I was a dev. But you can't even apply without becoming a mod first :(
    • Markdown now does not process people's name containing underscores _. What is "Markdown"?
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  11. I guess supporters can use this? Where text between underscores would be in italics, and text between asterisks would be in bold. I'm not sure myself, but I understand the fix. ;)
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  12. Previously, if you tried to say someone's name and it had two underscores in it (for example, Capt_Bill_1st) the part of the name between the underscores would be underlined.

    On EMC, markdown is a supporter perk that allows supporters to make their text italicized, bold, underlined, etc.
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  13. Hey, so I was right! :D
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  14. Thanks guys, now I understand
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  15. I saw nerfed Enraged Shulker Spawns. I am saddened. They only spawned about every 5 minutes before....

    I saw the opportunity for more heads.... I am headstatic! I look forward to seeing more of the heads I advocated for!
    (Now to get more of the ever elusive developer heads.......!?!?!?!)
  16. Anyone can get one of my heads. They are not rare. If anyone sends me their head in the mail. I'll send mine back
  17. Can I ask will 1.14.4 make it easier with doing things since it released a few days ago or a few hours ago
    Also because it's the last 1.14 update
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  18. Yeah I saw Xisumas video on it. Supposedly it’s fixing a lot of issues with multi player performance.
  19. It will definitely help. But paper (the server for fork) also has some major improvements recently that resolve a lot of the instability concerns.
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