[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. Honestly, that decision isn't final. It was something we were going to revisit during final testing; as you mentioned it would be minimal code to eggify them.
    Almost nothing is finalized at this time; in that there is no harm in changing our mind. Once released, there are implications to changing behavior.
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  2. Do you think we will be able to use a wand on turtles or will turtle eggs be the only option
  3. I'd say that the decision is not finalized.
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  4. o.o that's a good point will we be able to farm turtles in our plots maybe only in turtle beach set plots ( set through the biome change ) but would we be able to or would it have to be done in waste only?
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  5. The same question can be asked about dolphins aswell :)
  6. But you can't breed dolphins - unless EMC will change that behavior
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  7. I would love that. I would love to have dolphins to help me find sunken ship treasure. But I think it would be overpowered.
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  8. What would be cool would be a special promo saddle that could store dolphins in your stables. I know I would love to have a couple dolphins to just pull out whenever I wanted to throw a dolphin party!

    Basically though, the saddle would disappear with the dolphin, so you need a saddle for every dolphin you want to stable. Would be a cool unique item to be able to earn by completing different tasks when EMC updates to 1.14 ;)
  9. You better believe I'm pullin up when the 1.14 dolphin party goes down
  10. A behavior like this is rather different than standard Minecraft 1.14 and is unlikely to be changed on EMC's side. You may want to petition Mojang to make the change and make them able to be bred.
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  11. Dolphins can also spawn super easily in oceans, but not in town. Perhaps make it so dolphins can spawn in ocean biomes in town for farming purposes so that the egg price isn't 100+?
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  12. We'll be discussing things like this. Sometimes though, if Mojang wants something rare, it's rare. Farming is never prioritized.
  13. There are lots of mobs that don’t spawn in town on EMC. I would imagine that EMC would keep the same policy going forward.

    Squids and bats both follow this policy for example.

    100r for an egg would be a good amount for these. Like Krysyy said, some things are meant to be rare and harder to get. It’s what make them so special ;)
    About Empires:(Is this later? Heh, just anticipating the specifics or even non-specifics.)
    So Empires will not be Claim centric. I assume then it'll be Frontier Inclusive. Will there also be Claim specific options to clean up unwanted blocks or the ability to prevent the placement of blocks within Claims? . . . . Or, should I not concern myself with Claims?

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  14. Any more updates? Just wondering how things where comming along
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  15. They are coming. Working on 1.14 stuff currently. Also dealing with IRL things with school starting back up
  16. parrots don't spawn in town just because you have a jungle biome. So, gonna say this is a no. Just like with squids, if you want to give one a loving home, you must go out and catch one
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  17. Im assuming that if 1.15 comes out before we update we will only be going to 1.14 not straight to 1.15 like we are doing with 1.13/1.14
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  18. If 1.15 comes any time soon, expect to skip 1.14, imo.
    If Mojang can actually deliver this time, 1.15 is shaping up to be the "Performance update" and could fix a lot of the issues that 1.13 and 1.14 have caused. I don't know if we'll ever get back to 1.12.2 levels of performance and reliability, but 1.15 could be a step in the right direction if Mojang can do it right :p
    If 1.15 is a good update, it could actually make upgrading easier, and allow everyone to update much more quickly in the long run. This all still relies on 1.15 actually fixing the performance issues caused by these last two updates though :rolleyes:
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  19. Not necessarily. Depends on what 1.15 looks like...
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