[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. I see that this thread has followen through the cracks of time.

    I know this is not my place to bump this thread

    And i know that devs cant tell us what there doing every second or no updates would get done.

    But it would be nice to know what stage you are at with 1.13 and 1.14 and i know devs have a life outside of emc and have jobs

    In a couple of months 1.13 will have been released for over 1.5 years

    (im sorry about the rant)

    So for now on i am going to bump this thread every month if you like it or not

    Lol 😂
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  2. Also a link to the bug tracker if anyone knows the link 😑🤣 i csnt find it
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  3. https://track.emc.gs/
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  4. I would like to add as of today, 10/19/19, there are the following still needing to be completed:
    • EMC-1722- Ensure Treasure Map Chests are considered Lootable and auto replenish
    • EMC-1956- Add incremental chunk converter
    • EMC-2084- Resolve issues with titles - titles are final to an inventory
    • EMC-2088- Disable raids in town worlds
    • EMC-2081- Versioned world files is not copying over for some reason
    • EMC-2079- Cats/Dogs should be tamed when spawn egg is used
    • EMC-2078- Show owner information of tamed pets when interacted with
    Now we can track as of now compared to two months from now :)
  5. i dont know if any 1.13/1.14 things are but i know devs have mentioned some of these are hidden
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  6. But we will see if these things get fixed soon or later
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  7. Of course. This was simply everything that was public.
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  8. Just a little bump to see how things are going along!

    Hope all is well!
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  9. Somewhere on the forums. I mentioned that I would be putting in quite a bit of work over my fall break. That starts tomorrow after school (no school Wednesday).
    I won't have hours, per se, but I am thinking about hopping in discord while I do some work during this school break. At one time, it was suggested that I try out streaming. I have decided that due to my horrific ability to multi-task, this is not going to even be considered. I fear that Discord may be too much by itself. We shall see.
  10. Progress is preferred. Don't worry about multitasking with streaming. :p
  11. You do what you need to do Sir Poultry and we'll just be hangin out on emc. =] .. pls let us know if we can be of any service at all. :p
  12. Im sorry 😞 i may have missed the post thank you for everything you are doing!
  13. Shoutout to MoreMoople for helping me with heads for the new mobs (Not all shown).

    Other things I have been working on the past couple days with my Fall break - in no particular order. I still have a lot of work to do with the new entity mechanics (such as villagers).
    • Work towards enabling fire charges
    • Added a bunch of new mob heads.
    • More work towards material flattening. Such as the addition of the brown/blue/black dyes.
    • Work on the system that stores items, so you receive the same item back when you destroy a block.
    • Fix a long time bug where you lose food levels in town.
    • Foxes from spawn eggs will not have a chance to hold a random item - sorry not sorry if that squashes eggification farm ideas. Foxes will also not be allowed to pick up player protected items.
    • Added some residence flags: container:lectern, use:bell
    • Unbreakable shears will not be allowed to be used in dispensers to infinitely shear sheep.
    • Added protections for various new features: lighting campfires, extinguishing campfires, grindstones, composters, smokers, blast furnaces, barrels, shooting bells with arrows, shooting chorus fruit, new potted plants, taking books from lecterns, what tridents can be used on.
    • Updated the 3rd party plugins we use.
    • Updated our baseline server - empirecraft
    • Upgraded java version from 8 to 11. I also took some time to upgrade various things on my pc.
    Anywho. This was all done Wednesday-Friday, roughly. As previously mentioned - the most "feature" work I need to do is related to how entities behave... That means Phantoms, Villagers, Raids, etc.
    But I already have the shop system updated for the new tradeable items. The Chat system is overhauled to include cross-server chat. The system controlling residence protection received a major refactor. And vast majority of the 1.13 features are taken care of.
    One lingering roadblock that still needs exhaustive testing is the chunk conversion process. We are relatively confident it is working, but more testing needs done to find issues. We also need to implement an "incremental chunk converter", which will convert the frontier gradually while there is low server activity. As the chunk conversion process is very heavy.
    Final-ish notes. Is that track does not accurately reflect the list of things still needing done. First off because I have a physical paper list of things to do. But also the next phase is testing which will add more things to fix. Hopefully that will be minimal but frankly I cannot predict how much will pop up.
    My goal is that some testing is done before my winter break (Christmas time), so that I can do a final push to the end during my time off work. No predictions can be made towards release, simply because I do not know what issues will come up between now and the future. Also testing really couldn't begin due to all of these holes that I worked on this week.
    Feel free to ask questions and things.
  14. I like the above update and information related to the update.
    Not that I am into all of the technical info, but I can see the progress that your post has listed and understand that things will still come up during testing.

    Some faith in the process is earned with this post's information. I look forward to the next one :D

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  15. What is a "chunk converter" and what does it do exactly? Never heard of it before personally.
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  16. Aw man, no more hunger in town. This one has been around forever! Surely, I can't be the only one who has delightedly devoured delicious chicken while running around in town? This bug and I have shared many meals together! :p

    Edit: I'm also curious about the chunk conversion?!
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  17. So between 1.12 and 1.13 there is changes to the chunk loading system and I'm assuming over time all chunks will be changed?

    Could be wrong
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  18. I THINK the idea of this is to introduce the new features to the existing chunks without altering any builds on them, if the chunk has any.

    So like if the hermitcraft server had upgraded to 1.14 (and hermitville didn't exist), and there were sweet berry bushes around Sahara instead of just grass or something

    Correct me on this one, chickeneer, also thanks for your hard work :)
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  19. I thought this was only done on undiscovered areas. Would love if new stuff was on old chunks though.

    Love the new heads though! Will be a task to get them all for sure :p Thanks for the update. Will be interested to see how villagers work.
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  20. Will answer below.

    Not exactly.

    So first. A chunk is the storage mechanism that the Minecraft world is saved. From 1.12 to 1.13 Mojang made significant changes to the format with which these chunks are saved. So conversion, just means that it will take longer for them to load the first time in 1.13. Us implementing a converter is to have chunks loading that first time while no one is around - to reduce gameplay lag.