[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. I see that this thread has followen through the cracks of time.

    I know this is not my place to bump this thread

    And i know that devs cant tell us what there doing every second or no updates would get done.

    But it would be nice to know what stage you are at with 1.13 and 1.14 and i know devs have a life outside of emc and have jobs

    In a couple of months 1.13 will have been released for over 1.5 years

    (im sorry about the rant)

    So for now on i am going to bump this thread every month if you like it or not

    Lol 😂
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  2. Also a link to the bug tracker if anyone knows the link 😑🤣 i csnt find it
  3. https://track.emc.gs/
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  4. I would like to add as of today, 10/19/19, there are the following still needing to be completed:
    • EMC-1722- Ensure Treasure Map Chests are considered Lootable and auto replenish
    • EMC-1956- Add incremental chunk converter
    • EMC-2084- Resolve issues with titles - titles are final to an inventory
    • EMC-2088- Disable raids in town worlds
    • EMC-2081- Versioned world files is not copying over for some reason
    • EMC-2079- Cats/Dogs should be tamed when spawn egg is used
    • EMC-2078- Show owner information of tamed pets when interacted with
    Now we can track as of now compared to two months from now :)
  5. i dont know if any 1.13/1.14 things are but i know devs have mentioned some of these are hidden
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  6. But we will see if these things get fixed soon or later
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  7. Of course. This was simply everything that was public.
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