[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. Will this affect how long it will take by much?
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  2. They can only help. Still not at a point to ETA anything. I've been busy yesterday through tomorrow. Will hit it again Sunday afternoon.

    I have some internal goals when I want to have my stuff done. But there are some unknowns that could make that goal completely unrealistic. So no comment. lol
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  3. Thanks for the update
  4. Without knowing jack sqaut dev wise, i hope to see EMC has updated by New Years or Faded is going to be very saddened
  5. I say Halloween
  6. thats spoopy ;D
  7. I say, "Aikar time"
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  8. Wait, some games ran on command blocks??

    I know command blocks! Would it be possible for me to make games?!?
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  9. Will the color of cats be saved with the egg? Also with you be able to egg fish in the ocean or just use a bucket?
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  10. Yes to the cats keeping their color. If I recall correctly, I think we were going to do buckets only for fish
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  11. I like the fact you need buckets to fish :)
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  12. Here i was thinking we already had a dev update and i found out this was still the old one :0
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  13. Pretty sure that'd how it works anyway in 1.14, not just EMC
  14. So horses and llamas will also keep their color?
  15. Don't they currently?
  16. Yes
  17. There was a restart today for big fixes, what was fixed?
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  18. *bug. And no comment - as it didn't fix the issue quite right.
  19. So since fish eggs already exist within creative how come we're only doing buckets? I get it's cheaper to use buckets to transport them from wild into town but egging the fish in town would make them far easier to store or for shops buying / selling fish with little if any additional work for staff to code in. This would esspecially apply for tropical fish which would be almost impossible to set a sale sign for due to the texture varients between them being coded into there buckets...
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