[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. dont know if im aloud to say or not :rolleyes:
  2. Thanks for the update. The whole chat thing is not a big deal to me. I'll be interested in the land claiming things though.

    One question though (might not have an answer yet, which is fine) has to do with villagers. Will we be able to keep the ones we have already or is everything going to be converted. Much like how we kept the 1.7 villagers. I get this is a bit of a different change, just also brings with it a very large impact to current ones.
  3. Sweet sauce. Thanks Aikar and devs and everybody else. Doing great!
  4. I have not tested this particular behavior yet, but I anticipate villagers breaking in 1.14 (IF that is what happens in vanilla). From what I read on that subject, the villager trading is completely different. 1.7 villagers, we just had to convert them.
    I'll do some more looking into it. Will notify the community when we know for sure.

    Declassifying now that it is 110% fixed. Jewel managed to create an Empire Shop sign. Discovering the bug was a legitimate accident.

    To everyone. Intentionally trying to find a bug without staff pre-authorization is against the rules. Reason, if they are caught in the time been discovering and reporting - we would not accept the explanation, "I was just checking to see if it works on EMC." Yes people have told me that before...
  5. for anyone curious of how i managed to do that by mistake, i was trying to make as close a replica as i could to the shop that sold 60k member items, including the sell signs, and i apparently made it too realistic, i was next to it and clicked it by mistake, and gave me quite a surprise when a diamond helmet showed up in my hand and the message "you bought a diamond helmet for 6000r from empire shop" popped up in chat
  6. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    i love the eggification update/ information-- will the sheep color for example be stored/ displayed when hovering over the eggs though? :D
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  7. Did you get a refund of that 6k lol
  8. May i ask is it possible/will it ever be possible to egg zombie pigmen?
  9. Thank you for the update!
  10. Will we be able to egg and respawn villagers repeatedly in hunt of the one we want?
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  11. It will be put in the lore.
    They are a hostile mob. So at this time we have no plans to enable that.
    We are not saving the trades on eggification. I would encourage you to check out the new trading mechanics of 1.14. I do not have any plans to modify vanilla mechanics.
  12. thanks for the update!

    do you have a plan to fix the instability of the game, or do we just have to wait it out for future versions to work better?
  13. A combination. Mojang is still releasing 1.14.X updates which is a good sign. Steps are being taken by the Paper community to do more.
  14. Thank you for letting us know Chickeneer! I hope to see more progress towards 1.14 for EMC in the future! ^^
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  15. Hahahahahahahaha, that's awesome!!! :D

    Edit: Whew, that's quite the exploit too, you could've easily made tens of millions with that, I bet. :D

    Thanks for the update, Chickeneer. :)
  16. Thanks for the update :)

    Also, I assume we will get a waring when EMC is about to update a few days in advance? I would need to change some stuff so that it doesn't imedeatly break when I load it, and I don't think I'm the only one.
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  17. When we have a guesstimate when the update will be. We will let everyone know.
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  18. woot woot!
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  19. Thanks for sharing this! I was hoping you might change villagers to keep the old mechanics as you’ve been lenient with them before, though I’m not sure it would even be possible.
  20. Thanks for the update! :)
    /smp utopia is still broken, unfortunately... :confused: