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  1. Has anyone else upgraded a villager with trades from 1.12 to 1.14? My limited testing shows they keep the trades and do not need lecterns (I tested a single librarian). I cannot guarantee they will not later lose their trades, mine kept them for at least 30 minutes after upgrading with no lecterns in the world but you never know.

    As this is the vanilla effect of upgrading, chickeneer has informed me that he has no intentions of changing this and doing a reset or anything similar, same as in previous updates. A pity as it would help improve the economy.

    The reason I mention it is for those who might decide to egg their existing villagers (don't!) or those wanting the current trades later.

    I'll be ready to make 300 lecterns when the upgrade happens, not willing to take a chance they decide to become unemployed due to something happening on the neighbour's res or some other weird interaction.
  2. as far as i know, /test command and its family have been removed completely, making some amazing command block thing undoable. i still wish that we can have the empire in 1.15 though, as bees and crossbows are something that is great for a game. I'm not trying to be demanding, you can do this at your pace, chickeneer. all in all, the empire is amazing in 1.12, i sincerely hope that we can be as amazing in 1.15 :D
  3. how about the combat snapshots though? do you have any plans about it?
  4. I was referring to the zombie infection+curing, Thank you ThaKloned, I did not know Mojang fixed it. I've been trying to keep up on all the updates, but not able to due to the computer issues (I'm on break at work right now using their computer).
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  5. I am not going to even think about it till it is past the snapshot phase. We are going to release 1.15, period. (Technically 1.15.2)
  6. May i ask a silly question?

    Lol im asking it anyway.

    I know there might be setbacks but are you starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?
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  7. for anyone that doesn't keep tabs on the dev tracker

    EMC-1956 1.13: add incremental chunk converter was checked off as fixed today

    this leaves 1 for 1.13 left
    EMC-1722 1.13: Ensure Treasure Map Chests are considered Lootable and auto replenish

    and 3 for 1.14
    EMC-2078 Show owner information of tamed pets when interacted with
    EMC-2079 Cats/Dogs should be tamed when spawn egg is used
    EMC-2088 Disable raids in town worlds

    (this is only tickets that are public to view, there's likely to be more that are hidden)
  8. So some interesting notes on those.
    • EMC-1956. That was an.... interesting one. Tinkered with lots of ideas there. But finally designed a solution that accomplishes it... Issue was, that our Frontier worlds are ridiculously large. And was not feasible to run --forceUpgrade on them. So I implemented something that upgrades the entire world while people are online without lag. So we don't have to shut down the servers for 2 days while the worlds upgrade to 1.13's new format. I am fully expecting it to take a week or so before ALL of the worlds are upgraded. It took roughly 40 minutes for a town world to upgrade on my computer.
    • EMC-2088 will be by gamerule (vanilla). So no code change needed there.
    • EMC-1722 should be fine. Just left it there to double check one more time.
    • EMC-2078/2079. Shouldn't take long - easy fixes.
    So the public tickets, are essentially done. Things not on the public track is rather short...

    • A couple of Quality of Life changes relevant to the update which are quick.
    • Some final 'Empire' related things to ensure it is stable enough for a baseline release (and we can add the features later).
    • Documenting changes from vanilla that will be coming with this update (including a couple of changes I haven't mentioned... and cross my fingers that no one gets mad). lol. Also finish documenting the behind the scenes upgrade steps (Rather intricate update).
    • Most importantly. We are beginning the step of final testing. Which introduces issues of varying complexity. Could be almost done or blindsided by a major issue. It is worth noting that IRL I am pretty busy the next couple weeks. So even though things are getting close. Can't nail down an ETA yet.
    Idk what else to add on here. Just was an impromptu update.
  9. Awesome!!!! love to hear all the notes and that we are getting close!
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  10. YEET!
  11. Oops. :p We'll see. :)
  12. That caught my eye as well....

    Interesting bit of foreshadowing.
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  13. I do wonder so what the changes entails. Perhaps a slight hint Chickeneer? We could still talk about it, it's not too late. :D
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  14. That is part of the point of the bullet. To figure out what I haven't said publicly already.
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  15. Glad to hear 1.15 is on the way, I can't wait for honey blocks :D
    If you ever need someone to abuse your test server to make sure there are no critical issues, I think my reputation for finding (AND REPORTING) bugs and glitches is enough of a resume :)
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  16. emm there is nothing on the emc tracker now (that the public can see) does this mean its starting to get close?
    last time i looked at it it was full with over 100+ now i look at it is says there are 6

    they also stuff from 2014
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  17. We are in final testing phases, yes.
    Note that critical bugs found during the final phase may be more troublesome, but we're definitely seeing a lot more light at the end of the tunnel.
  18. 1.15 closing in I am excited
  19. Glad to hear. Earlier I said 1.12 is still great to play on, but since then I've seen loads of Youtube tutorials on different subjects and most of them were on 1.15. Now I caught the 1.15 fever... So 1.12 is great, but frankly I can't wait for 1.15... This still doesn't mean any push on the dev fellows. ;)
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  20. Question about books.
    One of these updates was going to allow editing of "book and quill" and since it is not allowed in 1.12 will there be any issues with older books when the update occurs?
    Will we be able to edit older books - ones that were not signed and final, of course.