[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. More or less.
    Rephrasing my idea. Is that the server would go back to normal day/night cycles. But each player would view their own time of day. Problem being it does cause sunlight issues. So idk, still looking for thoughts.
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  2. Cant the "No-nights" be an utopian perk which is paused for a while. To be implemented at a later stage when things is easing up with the update.
  3. Well. As of right now. Unless an easy solution presents itself, I am putting this issue on the backburner till after the update. Which would release things as is. With no night time.
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  4. Hmmm havnt played 1.15 but according to the wiki each productive villager has a schedule to follow with work/wandering/gathering and sleeping. I dont know how the no night time thing works on utopia but if its freezes the timeticks to always noon then perhaps some aspects of the villagers wont work. If the "gathering" aspect wont work then it seems to be no villager breeding available.
  5. will guardian spawning/ behavior be any different once we update to 1.15.x?
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  6. I am not aware of any changes. But that doesn't mean Mojang didn't change something that is non-EMC related.
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  7. Do not remember if these are EMC- related, but I believe a change was made that allows invisibility potions to mke it so their beam wont target you- also I know that having prismarine blocks above your farm rather than having open air somehow improves spawning conditions or something. I believe those are the only guardian changes unless I am wrong lol.
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  8. That's right, The reason is more guardians will spawn in the monument when your in there . So covering it up makes the game think your in the monument and improve spawning.
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  9. Got a huge conversion issue resolved today. School got cancelled due to weather, so I had all day to work on it.
    Nothing else to announce at this time.
  10. Awesome, Thankyou! :)
  11. Dare i say 1.15 tnt?
  12. ?
  13. 1.15 = better tnt

    Tnt allowed?

    From droppers or dispensers?
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  14. Are these questions? I have not made any tnt changes and don't know what would have changed in 1.15 to tnt
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  15. The changes are tnt will give you 100% of the drops. :D
  16. Ok so let me put it in english since i didnt explain at all lol

    In 1.15 tnt is better 1 tnt does not kill your computer

    Would tnt be alowed to be dispenced from dispensers?
    Since it is not currently
  17. Sounds like something we will evaluate post release
  18. Yeet thats more than has ever been done!
  19. I'm worried about the "no-night" in utopia. There is a risk it will severly affect the behaviour of the villagers.
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  20. Dont be worried it will be ok
    Chickeneer will get to it when the time is right