[Update] Misc bug fixes and dev update

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  1. Tom I am working on 8 dc's of mending. My bookshop have EVERY enchantment and EVERY level. I have a LOT of books to stock up on and this is a royal pain. I also know of clerics that give 4 bottles of enchanting for 1 emerald!
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  2. The only things I can say to that is good luck and have fun. :) Or maybe you can try to visit chickeneer and steal all his power chords so he can't power on his computer. :D
  3. Moving forward is sometimes painful and requires change. You'll recover and be so much better for it. Everyone has villagers with special gifts over the years. Just think... How can I use the change to my advantage. Just my two cents on the issue of villager changes and the upgrade. It is inevitable for EMC to upgrade and stay with the times or get left in the dust. Hmmm. Villagers for real people joining and staying again. That is a no brainer. Again, Just sayin.
  4. Will bees be eggable?
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  5. Yes
  6. You enslaving my family? Lol
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  7. OPVillager would like a word with you...

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  8. Come to /v +bird village and see how enslaved they really are.
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  9. Does anyone know if the Easy Villager Trading Mod will work after we update?
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  10. Retracting what I said about
    This update post is just indicating that I have made progress on conversion things. I am confident about conversion of items in every aspect of emc. Still working on some chunk/block/world meta issues that initial testing showed.
    Part of what is taking so long, is learning to navigate Mojang's funky conversion code. I think I semi-understand it now. Which is aiding my ability to actually fix things now. (Had to do lots of code study before I could start making progress).

    Note: Extra reminder that although this is the big show-stopper issue that has been keeping us from updating. We still need to do our final round of thorough testing. Completion of this task will just start to give us an idea when the end is.
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  11. So you have a 2020 vision now lol im so sorry

    Someone had to say it
  12. New Questiona about Villagers

    Utopia has no night cycle for the 'new' villager work day and sleep schedule. Is that going to change? or is there a work-around planned.

    The Wandering Trader is going to be an obstacle for a multiplayer game. Will he be made random in appearance time and place - like the seasonal minibosses? Or Is he an eggable entity or would he turn into just a villager if egged?
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  13. Maybe one of the perks of utopia could be villagers that never sleep and are always ready to trade.
  14. That might have to change
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  15. I have not came up with a solution for Utopia yet. I am open to easy solutions because I have none.

    Wandering trader will be non eggable (it doesn't get trades when spawned via egg anyway). Planned on it just being consistent with vanilla.
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  16. Easy solution would be night cycles in Utopia.:D
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  17. Oh yeah. I remember what solution I had thought up before. Is to turn time back on. But to always send player's daytime
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  18. Is that meaning that the player will see daytime but the server might be at night?
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  19. Wont the villagers still go to sleep if it's only daytime locally in the players UI? Wont hostile mobs spawn in the waste/frontier still, Im guessing the spawningpart is serverside...(but hey Im just guessing) The phantommenace is back then, the players wont register it's night but the server will and soon phantoms everywhere even during perceived daytime?
  20. Mob spawn with light levels so don't think that a problem. Phantoms I have no idea
    TheFryedmans, Yes
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