The Pun Thread

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  1. That joke really bombed... get it?

    I guess I'll be leaving now...
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  2. Pan solo! Buy him today! _______
    / [] [] \
    | /\ |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    \ /
    Now that's unpanny! :)
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  3. So, I had a friend named Mustardman. He lived on a Ranch. One day, while Dressing, he tried to become the best condiment. Sadly, he couldn't Ketchup. He had to Relish his 2nd place trophy instead.

  4. Sarcasm: What happens with a Russian ruler falls into a pit (Czar chasm)

    Humor: Greater quantities of color

    Word play: A game of football, Zork style

    Puns: My forte
  5. I saw some ants in your food today. I hope they did ant spoil your food.
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  6. I had a pun about sanity, but then I lost it
  7. How maddening.
  8. I know right, at yeast make them funny :p
  9. I guess if that's the way you slice it.
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  10. Pro Tip:

    Leather armor is best for sneaking because it's literally made of hide
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  11. I had to carry some tires up a hill today. It was so tiring.
  12. This is more of a joke, but still falls under the pun category.
    A man walks into a bar and immediately notices cuts of meat hanging from the ceiling. He walks up to the bartender and asks, "What's up with all this meat hanging from the ceiling?"
    The bartender says, "Well, we have a competition going where if you can jump and touch the meat, you get your drinks for free. If you try and miss, though, you have to pay double."
    The man was intrigued by this proposition, and sat down in a booth to think about it for a while. After a few minutes, he comes back to the bartender and says, "I don't think I'm going to try it." The bartender, disappointed, says "Why not?"

    "The steaks were too high."

    I've just wasted a minute of your life. :)
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  13. Did you hear about the man whose whole left side got torn off?

    He's all right now
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  14. In the summer of 09, I used to roll tires all the time.
    It was a good year.
  15. Did you hear about the man who got cancerous tumors all over his left side? Sadly, with our current medical capabilities, he got left for dead.
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  16. I ate some fish and I think there was something wrong with it. It tasted a bit fishy.
  17. Posted on the Suggestion Forum for the Starter Stick...

    Lets not sit on this fantastickly eggsquisite idea. Lets get the Starter Stick idea hatched by bumping up on this so it is not laid to rest.