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  1. I find nothing funnier than puns. Every chance I get, I try and create the funniest pun.

    For example, on Friday I took a chemistry test and incorporated a pun in an answer about how dew forms on grass. I wrote, "It is formed on grass dew (due) to the to condensation of water vapors..."

    You have no idea how proud I was to write it on my test. And honestly, I'm expecting an A, just because of the pun. Heck, I expect a Nobel Prize!

    Anywho, I want to hear all of your puns, so post away!
  2. That's so punny
  3. Puns are the best form of humour IMO.
    I'll be checking this thread regularly, and I'll be sure to post any worth puns :)
  4. -patiently waits for ChrisFlareon to post here-

    I've never been much of a punny kind of guy, but I can never seem to remember the puns I make. It's a 1 time kind of thing for me. :p
  5. A rubber band pistol was confiscated during algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
  6. *Pulls out pun sheet*
    Yes I have a sheet of my all-time favorite puns... :p
    • Did you hear about the guy who lost his whole left side? He's all right now.
    • I can never trust stairs as they are always up to something.
    • I used to be a banker until I lost interest.
    • Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a soda? He is lucky it was a soft drink.
    • My buddy's bakery burned down last week, his business is now toast.
    • Knowing sign language can be pretty handy!
    • I forgot how to throw a boomerang but then it came back to me.
    • Being struck by lightning is quite the shocking experience.
    • How do celebrities stay cool in the Summer? With all their fans!
    • Two fish were in a tank, one said to the other, how do you drive this thing?
    If KimaJine sees this she will die...
  7. What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An investigator.
    Is that even a pun? I don't know.
  8. I would post here, but I wouldn't wanna thread some bad jokes...
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  9. Hey, at least you didn't write your puns on paper. Otherwise it'd be tearable.
  10. You're probably write...
  11. Noon Bump : )
  12. I think I need to get a paper and puncil to write all this down...
  13. I like my puns like I like my voltages. Given in complex terms.

    How fast are you guys going to get this pun? Probably not at the slope change of a derivative.

    I once put a pie in the oven and set it to 360 degrees. I came out with two pi.
  14. You are all punder arrest.
  15. :confused:
  16. Why can't you get a painkiller in the jungle???

    Because the parrots eat 'em all. :)
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  17. huh
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