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How many rounds of The First Loser have you participated in?

None 5 vote(s) 25.0%
One 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Two 1 vote(s) 5.0%
Three 1 vote(s) 5.0%
More than three 8 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. I have an opinion on this, but I'd like to wait discussing it outside of personal conversations until the game has been finished up. :) That seems fairer to everyone involved. I can imagine you didn't want to wait with sharing this, though, and that's fine; this post alone might change some dynamics for the better. But let's wait with sharing different sides of the story until the story is finished. ;)
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  2. That is very much fair. :) I'm curious what you will have to share. :)
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  3. Well, at this point I don't fancy going all out anymore either (it's exhausting, honestly, although I've also enjoyed it for most of it :p). I'm voting for Unoski, and I hope that you all won't vote for me, as I'd like to get further into the game. :/
    Edit: I have other ideas... but I'm not sure anymore what might work. :/ I picked 'column', by the way.
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  4. Yea I figured some of that was going on. I tried calculating what happened the previous two rounds and I was like wutt??

    It's time to remove some pieces off the chessboard hopefully :cool:
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  5. I already knew in the round when he said that that I was gonna get eliminated. Can't just suddenly change more than halfway through a round like that and expect it to work out
    At that point I wasn't even listening to Unoski, I was weighing my options to see if there was anything I could do at all to save myself. Turns out it didn't work anyway :p

    I'm not mad about it regardless, I think the game was made to be played dirty
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  6. Um, it would've worked out if I had made the right vote. :$
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  7. Yeah but one can't ask for your vote in the evening and then expect it to have been cast by 5 AM. :p

    Indeed, quite poor planning in my opinion. :p
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  8. Winner: Unoski (3 votes)
    First Loser: 607 (2 votes)
    Second Loser: EnderMagic1 (2 votes)

    Quick note: In the event of future ties, I'll make a post on this thread when I message the previous loser asking them to break the tie. If this happens, the announcement will be the time when votes are considered final; otherwise, you can assume that you can change your vote until results are posted. Apologies to the person who got the short end of the stick this round.
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  9. Sorry 607... :rolleyes: All part of the game ;)

    That's a great idea!
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  10. Public strategies. I am still coming for row 2.

    Here is who we should vote for:

    SkeleTin007: KandK, SkeleTin007, Uzack
    Endermagic1: Me, CarFryer

    If everybody trusts me, everybody except the second row will move on.
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  11. I helped you get rid of 607 from row 2, are you happy now? :)
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  12. That was a loss, I will admit. Could be worse though. It could've been me.

    I may not have the votes to win this game, but I am coming for the final 2 at the very least.
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  13. What did row 2 ever do to you? :confused:
    It's fine 607 just got eliminated - everything is fine :p
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  14. Winner: EnderMagic1 (4 votes)
    First Loser: SkeleTin007 (2 votes)

    Starting next round, only the winner of each round will be safe.
  15. You guys ever see a car crash in slow motion?
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  16. Yes, I have. Quite interesting to watch!
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  17. No not really :p
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  18. Due to a tie, results for round 12 will be posted after I hear from the most recent loser about the tiebreaker. :)
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  19. Winner: Uzack (4 votes)
    First Loser: CarFryer (1 vote)
    Second Loser: KandK22 (1 vote)
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  20. Aww D:

    Gg everyone! I'll try to compete in the next round :)
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