The First Loser |S4:G2|

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How many rounds of The First Loser have you participated in?

None 6 vote(s) 27.3%
One 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Two 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Three 1 vote(s) 4.5%
More than three 8 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. The First Loser: Season 4, Game 2



    After 607 sassed me for not hosting another game after 369 days when I promised the next one would be out in a week, I figured I owed him a game. If that wasn't enough, I delivered less than 48 hours after the request was made. How's that for service? :rolleyes:

    Like always, the rules have been stolen from previous versions of the game.

    How to play

    (Changes/clarifications from previous rounds will be in this lovely lavender color.)

    • Post on the thread saying that you would like to play. The first 16 people to respond will be entered.
    • The game begins with 16 players randomly placed in a grid.
    • Each round the players will fill out a short form to cast their vote. I will send this form each week in an inbox message with all the participants.
      • I will try to wrap up the current round every other day, but you know me. No promises. ;)
    • After each round, I post the results here.
      • The person with the most votes is the winner and has their own column and row to be immune in the following round.
        • Starting at round 9, you will have to specify whether you want your row or column to be safe if you win.
        • Starting at round 12, only you will be safe if you win.
        • For every person who is eliminated due to not voting for 3 consecutive rounds, these rounds will be reduced by 1. For example, if two people fail to vote for three consecutive rounds, these will occur at rounds 7 and 10 instead of 9 and 12. This is to prevent the possibility of everyone being safe in a given round.
      • The person with the second most votes is the loser (coined "The First Loser") and is eliminated.
    • All first losers choose the final winner.
    • You must vote in each round.
      • You have at least 36 hours for this, as I wrap up rounds every other day.
      • Failure to vote in 3 rounds in a row will get you eliminated.
    • If a tie occurs, it is handled by the last person to be eliminated.
      • will choose should it occur in the first round
    • No alternate accounts.
    • This game can be played however you want.
      • You may play dirty or clean (you do have to stick to these rules, though!).
      • Feel free to rally up some votes, bribe people, or team up with others, secretly or out in the open. I am just the host; it doesn't matter to me how you play, as long as you follow the rules.
    • You may vote for yourself.
    • You can only submit one vote per round. If you change your mind later, you can submit a new vote, but please let me know if you do. This is done to prevent people from voting as someone other than themselves. ;)

    • First Place: 75k rupees and a nether star
    • Second Place: 50k and a stack of gold ingots
    • Third Place: 25k and a brick
    Without further ado, let the losing begin! :)
  2. 1) Uzack
    2) Ozcar_97
    3) TomvanWijnen
    4) 607
    5) PetezzaDawg
    6) KandK22
    7) jewel_king
    8) EnderMagic1
    9) Jay2a
    10) Smooshed_Potato
    11) wafflecoffee
    12) AmusedStew
    13) Carbonyx
    14) SkeleTin007
    15) CarFryer
    16) Unoski
  3. I would like to play. :)
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  4. I'd like to join :)
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  5. Awesome! I would really like to join again, please! :)
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  6. I am in, of course! :D
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  7. I love losing, count me in
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  8. I'd like to toss my hat in the ring :)
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  9. sure why not :)
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  10. Yes lets goo
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  11. Sign me up
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  12. If there's still room I would like to enter please :D
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  13. Whoop whoop, count me in :D
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  14. I want to play again :D
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  15. Pick me!
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  16. I'll rejoin again :p
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  17. I'd like to join! :D
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  18. I'll sneak in on this one.
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  19. Ayy chuck me in!
  20. Sorry, there's already 16 people :/
    Correct me if I'm wrong, Rhy
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