Residence Update Log! The latest changes in the Empire Town!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    One request from you, the community was more "mega threads", so we thought of a new idea, a Residence update log!

    Post here you latest updates to your Residence that you want others to come and see. This can be a good place for those tiny changes that aren't worthy of an entire thread :)

    Looking for something to do? Check up on this thread and check on others latest improvements!

    Lets see what's going on in the Empire :)
  2. First, and um come to 3164 to see a bunch of EMC unique items?
  3. Today I placed lots of stained clay on my res.

    Today I also placed lots of cake on my res.
  4. If you are at /v pvp on smp6, you can visit my small shop at /v 12009 for Golden Apples and Enchanted Apples for PVP and stay in local chat.

    My res, I covered in wool art of a giant golden apple with red background, so it is visible on live map, next door to PVP arenas.

  5. 17011 is getting its underground compartments built finally? :confused: this wat we use dis thread for?
  6. My auto storage system is finally finished! I am just adding in the items in so it sorts. Come chick it out at 3940. Teleports are the signs on the crafting bench when you spawn.
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  7. I finished remaking some parts of the 3d Mario at 4266! Here is a picture:

    You can see it at /v 4265 or /v 4266 mario
  8. Come Check out the Emerald Gardens on Smp8 16612 and 16611! Don't forget to go under 16612 and check out the Biome Display!
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  9. My public shearing res is being removed. To make way for a much larger SMP5 public shearing facility, of which is still under constructions. The shops are removed, but the sheep are still available to shear. Can still buy/sell wool at the mall (10034, 10117, or 10498 as well as others).

    My mall has been left unfinished for months now, and will soon be removed entirely. With a new, more ambitious project to replace it. It will include shops to buy/sell most items in EMC. There will be a thread dedicated to the project once it is ready for use.

    But really, nothing major has changed for me. :)
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  10. I created a giant hole in the utopia spawn area recently at last staff meeting. Lets just say it ended in a bang.

    I think it might be accessible still?
  11. I can see it now: Staff are talking about recent events going on, your mind is wondering as you think about DT and all the stuff you have to do. Then out of pure boredom and confusion you take out giant lasers and start just lighting up the spawn. *pew pew pew* big hole appears.

    Then all the staff stop talking and are just like: O.O
  12. 2014-05-24_15.20.23.png
  13. 5049 has a sugar farm and wheat
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  14. Today I was working on the expansion of 9001's shop :)
  15. Heres my res, its still in construction but its for the summer contest and its coming along great

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  16. *deletes my world*

    Wasn't interested in participating anyways.
  17. What are you intending to say?
  18. You are stiff competition.
  19. ahhh aha , ok i thought you meant somthing else
  20. Here is my armory and stable on smp3. One day I will finish the armory and actually start selling things. On the right you can see my attempt at a fall themed tree.