Rare promo's and where they've ended up V2

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  1. I own a EMC Treasure Voucher.
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  2. I knew of 1 that still existed before aikar dropped more (16 iirc)
    brings the known total to around 17
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  3. to add- Hashhog museum
    Iron Games medal, both Valentines Gifts,

    already listed:
    4th Birthday head, ICC eggnog, 2013 Signature, 80k boots, Eternia,
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  4. Cool thread.
    I have a Treasure Voucher (on preview smp1 157)
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  5. Added :)

    Added, changed, and took the liberty of doing some proper formatting for both the PPP armour and the 80K armour :)

    Added :)

    Added :)

    My bad, Changed :)

    Changed to correct owner :)

    Cool :)
    Having seen the item, though, it is not a tressure slip, but, indeed, a tressure voucher. Those are not included in this thread as of right now :p

    I assume this is the same case as the previous one :) A tressure voucher and a tressure slip are two different items :)

    Is that one with lore and one without lore? :)

    Is that the Aiker brithday 2015 Head?

    Are you sure that it is this one: (Notice the green text)

    and not just this one:

    (You can also preview them at our promo storage at 859)

    You kind of say you do, but I just want to be sure :p

    I'll link the thread here for future usage.

    I am quite unsure what to think about it. I know normal Kryssy siganures are not rare at all, and I think to remember I have seen this one in the past, too, but it might indeed be quite rare, I don't know. For now, I think I'm going to wait a little with adding it, and see if anything new pops up on your thread. If nothing happens, I'll add it :)

    That would definetly make the item a candidate for this list! Do you also happen to know more owners? I think to remember you owned one, and Raayn probably has one too :p
    I thought we owned one as well, remember having one in a chest a long time ago, but it turns out we don't, so we probably sold it back in the day... :p

    Lastly, a small edit: I changed the formating of the spoilers to also show the title of the spoiler when it is opened.

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  6. I personally don't think regular book/signatures should be added in the list. I also have a few unique appearing written books by krysyyjane, as well as Aikar and Maxarias. There could potentially be numerous of these sort of things out there.

    new format looks nice and clear also :D
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  7. I thought the same thing, but if these happen to be regulairly given out at mob arenas and no where else, adding it would be worth it :p

    Thank you :)
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  8. I recently got myself a valentines gift (lore)
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  9. I can add two things...
    JZH1000 obtained an ICC eggnog
    & I obtained a PvP Gold metal
    but both of these were lost in derelict residences a long time ago
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  10. Added :) (Also, changed formatting of the gifts to be more consistant with other new formatting)

    Added :)
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  11. That's a lot of updates! It's cool to see this being maintained. :)
    Good idea to keep the spoiler name when it's opened, for sure.
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  12. Aikar Voter's Sword: 5 dropped during 10th birthday drop party.

    I didn't catch all that got one but I have 1 of the 5. :)
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  13. Five Krysyy's Dancing Boots also got dropped yesterday, one of which is up for auction
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  14. Is there a chart of what was released with counts?
  15. No, but chicken gave confirmation to contrib members in a voice chat last night for numbers of a few items. The numbers we have are 2 stacks of each admin head (so 6 stacks total), 5 Aikar's Voters Sword (iron), 5 Krysyy's Dancing Boots, 1 Super Dragon Poop, and 85 Birthday Cookies in chests. We still need confirmation on numbers for dropped Birthday Cookies and Candles.
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  16. I should say that the Tales of Eternia book should still be updated. Looks like it was updated to be my previous name lol.

    And as for ICC Eggnog, I believe I either sold or used it. I am unable to confirm which one. But I am no longer in possession of it. I am SkyDragonv8.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I used to to obtain an ore buster which was promptly used.
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  17. blueshinobixiii and i co-own one of these, and cardinaction also has one
  18. SkeleTin007 has another one
  19. Thanks for all the posts :)

    I'll update the main thread as soon as I get back to my desktop on monday... I'm not going to try to edit this all in on my phone :p
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  20. Birthday Cookies are not a controlled item and will continue to be dropped/given away throughout the Birthday Month. I have a few screenshots before we began on my desktop at home. I will update contrib team accordingly.
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