Rare promo's and where they've ended up V2

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  1. You can find all the promo's I own at Lunarious Tower (/v 104 SMP1) in the room to the right. :)

    Will add the items from my promo vaults as well.
  2. cool. I was just wondering if I should pick up this thread or if it was good as is. Thanks!
  3. Hello!

    I am in possession of the Purple Power Armor. I have the helmet, leggings, and boots.

    They are on display for verification on SMP2 at /v +kledoe (or /v 4207).

    EDIT: I also included the Purple Power Crystal, Aikar and Krysyy Birthday books, and Aikar head from the same PPP 2017 Drop Party.
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  4. I have a treasure voucher that I bought from EfficiencyV some time last year. :)
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  5. I feel that every promo and rare on this server passed through the hands of EfficiencyV at some point
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  6. Well, I mean, 'Efficiency' is in his username. He's very efficient at promo acquisition. He's got the Promo Acquisition enchant at level V as well. I guess that helps?
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  7. Do you mean that you have a 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 version of green text, or that you have those versions with a text that is not the one that it is normally? The point of the green text for the 2014 firework is that it is a miss-print, like the 2013 birthday cake, which is why they are quite rare. I will say, though, that adding them to this thread has made more pop up. :p

    I think Tom and I have at least one of each known firework type on 859, you could check against those to see if yours are indeed different, if they are, I would be really quite interested to see them, as it would be the discovery of a new promo, maybe. :)
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  8. Here are the ones I have:
    EMC New Years 2012 Special Firework

    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2013 Celebration Firework)

    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2015 Celebration Firework)

    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2016 Celebration Firework)

    Empire Firework (4th of July, 2017 Celebration Firework)
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  9. Those are the regular colour schemes for these fireworks, and are just worth whatever those fireworks are worth. :)
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  11. Dragon Egg at /v 4302 park
    Owner is kevdudeman
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  12. A year ago I had a set of diamond armor, 2 stacks of emerald blocks, a firework, and some pumpkins.

    Some progress has been made :D

  13. Cool set-up!
  14. Can confirm: GrandExchange owns one lored Valentines Gift.
  15. Are fish bowls rare enough to consider for the list?
  16. Probably not because ~2 stacks were released, I believe
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  17. Would max res vouchers be rare enough at this point? :p
  18. best i have is
    at 5814

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  19. new rare for the list

    Ten lucky players were randomly selected to receive an additional prize: The Blossom Bouquet!

    The Blossom Bouquet winners are:
    • Atels
    • LindenNZ
    • Raaynn
    • LunarEndergirl
    • Fred_TWK
    • GrumpyRedPanda7
    • Yixomua
    • jewel_king
    • bitnibbles
    • Cyberazaz101
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