Rare promo's and where they've ended up V2

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  1. Are there any unclaimed promos and how do you get them (the unclaimed ones that is).
  2. All of these uber-rares are from old events. There's currently no way to get them other than buying them from people. Some of these items have been made available at special staff events, but those events only happen 2-3 times a year and the re-release of this caliber of item is super uncommon.
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  3. Curious to know if the availability due to staff events would be offered based on supporter level. IOW, Diamond supporters would have first refusal, etc.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but supportership has no impact on a person's chances of getting these items.
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  5. That would be too close to pay-to-win which is not a good road to travel down :p
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  6. Never thought of that.
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  7. Looks like after the auction, the Aikars voters swords would be;
    1 thakloned
    2 blueshinobixiii& ohmiku
    3 SkeleTin007
    4 Raaynn
    5 Dreacon78
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  8. Show-off ;)
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  9. The newest centerpiece to my collection!

    Maybe not a promo as such, but still worth mentioning! Not sure how many exist/what it would be worth, but haven't seen many of these compared to the Valentine's Day promo version.
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  10. Guess it's worth updating:
    my 2nd dragon egg is now in the possession of cyberazaz101
    I now have an EMC treasure voucher
  11. how much did you sell the dragon egg for? did you just trade it for the EMC treasure voucher?
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  12. 12M
    EMC Treasure Voucher
    Promo Instructions
    Saltar, Valens, Incitatus
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  13. Updated everything, I think. :p

    I'm sorry it took so long until I finally stopped procrastinating it, but messing around in a thread with this many spoilers and links can get quite annoying :p
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  14. Regarding the green text firework, is that only for the 2014 version?
  15. As far as I know, the 2014 firework is the only one that has been released with a misprint.

    You can think of that one as a similar promo as the "2013" birthday cake, the 2014 firework was never meant to be green, which is why it is so rare. :p

    If you have other fireworks with colours that are not the usual ones, please let us know, though. :p
    What the known colours are can be found at Tom’s and mine promo storage at 859, for example. We have all the known fireworks, I think to remember. :)
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  16. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing.
  17. Is this still being updated?
  18. If you want me to, sure :p

    It's quite hard to get information, especially since there is a lot of rumour and heresy around these kinds of things for some reason.
    I'm making sure I'm at least updating everything people say in this thread; trying to keep up with things and finding out what has changed myself is only secondary to that. :)
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  19. i purchased one of thakloned's dancing boots a short while ago

    they'll be switching hands again some time in the future, as they are a prize for a future event
  20. Updated :)