Rare promo's and where they've ended up V2

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  1. These were the original Val Sig owners, not sure of changes;
    1. ethy202
    2. carfryer
    3. luckycordel
    4. skeletin007
    5. eclipsys
    6. danni8
    7. thebidule
    8. ZanDarkin
    9. reos_J_snoozer
    10. generalwillikers
    11. mnjoe70
    12. cinemasins

    There is also an alternate non-promo book with similar text from earlier, does not have 2018 in the title.
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  3. I think only a few of them ended up being given out before UHC event was stopped.
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  4. Jewel king says he believes there are 8 in existence.
  5. Around that yeah, there was a bunch more but alot were lost to bans and one was eaten
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  6. Added these in! :D
  7. Shame that I sold that off for so little... if only I would have known how many were given out :p
    (sold it off for 100k for reference)
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  8. I own ICC Eggnog, Valentine's Gift (no lore), and Treasure Voucher. <3
  9. I had a purple power chest plate but I lost it to derelict. Pretty sure I also had the boots
  10. I have 2 regular dragon eggs as of March
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