Rare promo's and where they've ended up V2

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  1. also these three were missed
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  2. It's nice to know I didn't overpay for mine, then :p
    (also: that other stuff is added now)
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  3. and price is still rising :)
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  4. also Alex has 3 dragon eggs on display at his place, so I imagine its the one Original plus two regular eggs for the list...

    We should watch for eggs as many may have been lost
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  5. I have a Happy Birthday (signed aikar signature)
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  6. Are Blizzard drops considered promos?
  7. Yes but there not very rare ;)
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  8. No worries, but do you know what their prices are? I have a number of them and I was wondering if they were worth selling?
  9. about 10k
  10. Ah, I see. Thanks for letting me know Jewel_King. :)
  11. well peeps, i don't own the 80k chestplate anymore, just traded it with jewel_king
    and i did get a pair of dancing boots for it in de deal
    so guess that has to be switched too

    80k chestplate Allicanto -> jewel_king
    dancing boots Jewel_king -> Allicanto
  12. From my knowledge of the 2018 Valentine Edition Cupid's Bows there were 13, but I could be wrong.

    I as well as Lomax70 both won one by getting through the invisible maze. I believe with the maze the first 5 to make it through won. As for any others that were won were through the Lucky in Love Giveaway.
  13. Changed :)

    Great, thanks :) I assume you still own yours? :)
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  14. Yes, I don't plan on ever selling it or giving it away. Only reason I would is if I left EMC for good and give it to a close friend, but I don't plan on leave. :D
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  15. small fyi

    Mman owns 2 helmets, 1 chestplate, 1 pants of Empire armor :) no boots
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  16. As KikuDusk posted earlier, I too have a 2018 Valentine Edition Cupid's Bow.
    You can add me to the list. :)