Rare promo's and where they've ended up V2

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  1. Oh ya I know just verifying what I had.
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  2. I have a pair of Krysyy's dancing boots.
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  3. the only people who are currently known to have all 3 supporter gifts (ICC/max version) are crafter31211,Krysyy and Rhy, i technichally have all 3 but my iron one is slightly different
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  4. Well done :p Added that too

    Added that too, thanks :)
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  5. I dunno how many 2018 Cupid's Bows there are in existence, but it's somewhere around 10-15
    I know most of the original people who got them, but I don't know who has them now
    I have one though
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  7. Yeah those are the winners from the giveaway but also apparently a few more were given out at an event that day
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  8. Oh didn't know that.
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  9. I have one of the Kryssys dancing boots :D
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  10. I had too many to list off!

    2013 Aikar DP
    ICC Valentines Day Head
    Minecon Earth T-shirt
    60k armour (full set)
    100k armour (full set)
    500k armour (full set)
    All Empire fireworks* 4th of July, New Years Eve*
    Independence Day 2013 and 2013 4th of July coloured lore*
    Valens, Salter, Invictus horse eggs*
    Cupid Bundle 2014* x4
    Trick-or-treat bundle 2015*
    OG starter armour and tools/weapons
    All signed books*
    • Aikar Gibsons
    • IcecreamCow TNT
    • Maxarias
    • NurseKillJoy
    • Ignoramoose
    • GameKribJim
    • Shaunwhite1982
    I have entire double chests full to name off...
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  11. Added. :)

    I ma sorry, but none of thease items qualify as rare enough to be listed; basically: if there ever were more than twenty of them in total, it's not.
    Thanks of the input anyway :)
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  12. These 2 are pretty rare. One can argue the Eggnog is not as rare since there are 21 people listed :p
  13. I know this isn’t a promo but Im sure it’s a rare item I had a unlored aikar head which I sold to raaynn it was like the kind that drop whenever you die
  14. We are talking about tehase two items, right:
    Economeny destroying drop party Aikar head: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/aikar-s-head-2013-drop-party/
    ICC Valentine's day head: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/icc-valentine-s-day-head/

    As far as I remember all of thease items had roughly half a stack realeased, jet the ICC eggnog is more rare because some have been redeemed.
    The ICC eggnog is the least rare item on the list, and is, as far as I can remember of my conversation with Tom, only there because it's a quite iconic rare item, of wich the owners are known and mainly, which we thought people would otherwise ask about anyway, as it's alredey on the other list.

    Honestly, thius more suggests we should've removed the eggnog from the list than add the other two. :p

    Again, rare, but not rare enough, I think. As far as I know there are quite a few of them around. I also think to remember there was a way to create them, as I heard of someone scamming someone else with fake heads a few years ago.
    Honestly, I don't know. I knew they exist, and remember seeing them around. I think I can remember they even were the least rare Aikar heads out there, but I am not compleatly certain.
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  15. {quote Jelle} meh why not just add them, it's not like it's a problem or anything. :p
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  16. I understand jelle however I actually have never seen one in my time of playing emc other than the one that I had
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