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  1. Hello I am reaching out as an older player who just got back onto Minecraft. I have found a book signed by krysyyjane9191 from a mob arena event that I took place in (maybe won, it was 5 years ago so I don't remember). Just want to know how much is someone welling to pay for this?
    (Im not sure how the image will turn out so just in case, if you go on imgur look up "krysyyjane")
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  2. Images from the book for better access.
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  3. I looked for information about this book for a minute or two, but haven't found anything about it yet.
  4. hopefully this is a good thing and it might be worth a good price!
  5. Soo the book is from our Community manager before she switched her name to just Krysyy. So yes, it will be a good price. That price exactly I have no idea
  6. I have one of the old "getting started" books but it's listed with an unknown price in that thread.
  7. I do believe I'm the only one with it, because I used to be very much into the old mob arena on smp5 (very different then what it looks like now) and Krysyyjane dropped the book on the floor before the game started which would give it to the winner (this is also when she was a senior mod).
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  8. I remember that mob arena CyberStorm231! I recorded incase I ever became a youtuber! I have it in my private videos, I sadly no longer have the file...
    -McAwesome_09 and NOT DaddyDNon
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  9. I took have the video of me winning I just don't know which ones it was as I used to play in the old mob arena every single week and won a few times. I have all of those videos locked on my youtube because listening to my younger self is a bit cringe haha
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