Random Screenshot Thread!

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  1. Aw, I was looking forward to watching that. At least the dialogue wouldn't be boring to me.
  2. God I hope not.
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  3. Definitely. :D
  4. Yup, its endgame
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  5. So today I used EMC's random teleport feature to just look around my favorite server of smp2 to see if I could find something fun to look at. Of course SMP2, and basically EMC as a whole, doesn't disappoint.

    This is just me rambling guys but.. what do you do if you want a res. next to an outpost but... spawn resses are kinda rare and dont become available easy enough. Well...

    I like to think that our own 'tempered_outpost' found out the perfect solution. Which is?

    Build an 'outpost' yourself! :eek: :

    Of course this is not really an EMC outpost, I know better. But it sure looks impressive like that!

    really worth looking around in.
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  6. Zombie "Pigslime"?

    I killed a magma cube and the pigman standing right beside it ended up with its head.

  7. Huh, that's interesting!

    Also, we let this thread get the red text again! :eek: I think it's been years since that last happened, but I easily could be mistaken.
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  8. According to some people 3 shells on one server is way too much ;)

    So I decided to move some things around and well, guess who's back? That's right! Santa Claus, but it'll take a few months. So in the mean time have the Minecraft version of the Grinch :p

    With special thanks to The_Mancub for helping me retrieve the old GripCEO skin :)
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