Random Screenshot Thread!

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  1. So, everyone ahs that time, when they are totally bored, don't wanna do nothing, don't wanna grind, build a shop, or be lazy, they just wanna do nothing. So, heres a thread that you can post random screenshots of yourself, things, and others! When you're happy, sad, or mad! OR JUST PLAIN BORED!
    Screenies away! :D :D

  2. have the screenshots to be empire minecraft ones?
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  3. Don't think so. So...
    Found this playing Pocket Edition.
    Parthenon Spleef FTW.
  4. At the mobarena yesterday. 2013-02-18_15.38.28.png
  5. Me playing my floating islands map
  6. 2013-02-02_20.39.10.png
    It was on EMC =p
    ^ I Love Our Staff ^
  7. 2013-01-31_16.22.41.png

    When did you made that screenshot?
    I lol'd by seeing IceCreamCow kicked himself
  8. image.jpg
    Pocket addition: finding diamonds.
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  9. Any server screenshots work!
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  10. 2013-02-18_16.15.31.png Thats too many beacons.
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  12. It was.....
    They were just being interesting, Aikar's skin...
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  13. this was on 2011-12-27, so a few days ago :p I don't know why the chta name was G and for what it stands, but I like the kickreason :) 2011-12-27_21.38.40.png
  14. Screen shots of Eclipsys's work on Brennian's server :D and some pictures of my epic Farm and city ;3

    Even Dirt houses look nice in shaders!

    Don't worry the Sun rays are only this bright when looking at the sun in the morning :p the rest of the MC day is fine and at Night the moon shine is amazing :3
  15. We had captured Torian on smp5, sonicol1 made it a kiss/spit booth =P
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  16. I present to you a one-in-a-lifetime shot of Dolan!

  17. Last time I saw you post was when you left :3 I actually agreed with your post, to an extent..
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  18. Let me fill you in, the G meant Global chat, which meant your chat would be seen everywhere on the. This was removed when to many people complained about spam, so it was replaced by having town chat being global, but only in town, but the Wild, End, and Nether, having local chat.
  19. And it was actually proposed to be brought back a few months back, just a discussion though.