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  1. Macro Mods and You: What are the Limits?

    Note: This is NOT a policy change. This is a clarification on something that some players have forgotten or never understood properly.

    We all know that sitting behind that computer chair and clicking relentlessly away at mobs can be tiresome and physically exhausting sometimes (Super Turkeys). And to alleviate this pain, some of you may have recently started using macro mods and scripts. We don't outlaw macros completely, but there are some ground rules that still need to be followed. Aikar and I worked to define the limitations below.

    1) No AFK world interaction.
    If you are not sitting behind your computer screen and AWAKE, then you are AFK. If reported, staff will attempt to contact you. If you do not answer, then you will be kicked off the server. Repetitive interactions with the world in any way while AFK is using mods illegally and will be treated as such.

    2) Macros CANNOT exceed normal play ability.
    If your macro mod (or other mod) is set to click at 25 times per second, that's not possible when playing legitly. There are now limitations in place to prevent anything greater than 10 clicks per second, but if you find a bypass for this and are caught using fastclicking or performing any action you would not be able to do without your macro, you will be banned for illegal mods.

    3) Macros need to be linked to player action in a one-to-one set up.
    If you set up a key to make a trade with a villager, then you need to hit that key for the amount of trades you are making. If you trade 25 times, then you need to have pressed that macro key 25 times. Anything more than this is abuse of the system and will be treated as such. If you hit the macro key once and it trades 25 times, that is NOT allowed and you need to modify your macro.

    For clarification with crafting items: A macro can only fill the crafting grid and collect the output once per real world click.

    In conclusion, macro mods can be helpful, but must not be abused. Please message Krysyy at pmcm.emc.gs if you need more clarification.
  2. *reads carefully* I use these daily :D
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  3. Oh no! Macro mods! Wait, what's a macro mod?
  4. What about using marcos to craft? What is the policy on these?
  5. A one-to-one set up is required. For every 'stack' of items you craft in the crafting table, you need to have clicked your macro key.
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  6. I pretty much only use a couple macro's. 99% of the time I use one for blocking redstone dust, iron/gold ingots and 1 for glowstone dust in blocks. With a full inventory this produces 4 stacks of blocks for redstone/iron/gold and approx. 7 for glowstone. Are these now illegal?

    Also: I have a few accounts. Am I allowed to use say a cobblestone generator on 2 of them at once in separate lowered windows while I'm on in game on my main?
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  7. Thanks for this. I've always been scared to use a macro mod.
  8. I wonder this as well. I use my macro for crafting melon blocks- fill inventory with 36 stacks of melons, hit 'x', and it crafts 36 stacks into 4 stacks of blocks. Is this considered illegal?
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  9. Can you play on multiple accounts at the same time without mods? There is your answer.

    You need to limit your macro to one stack at a time. The point is that a macro should not exceed normal play ability. It is impossible for me to click and craft 4 stacks of melons with one click of the mouse. Therefore, no macro should be able to do more than that based off one input action. You can make your one 'click' be a program basedoff of hitting 'x', but it's still limited to what a player could do.

    The usage of macros started as a way to keep from having to click twenty thousand times and kill your hands and your mouse. It was intended to be the same as placing a book on your left mouse button, etc. Over time players have stretched what they believed to be allowable actions into what is now OP trading and autoclicking. We don't want to prevent you from using macros in order to save your hands, but we have to keep things within reasonable limits. This is the reason behind this post.
  10. So as long as I hear and respond to any PM's I am safe.
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  11. If you hear and respond to PM's then you are not AFK clicking.
    However, can you legitimately operate a cobblestone generator on multiple accounts at once without any mods? If the answer is no, then your macro that allows you to do so is exceeding normal play ability.
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  12. I have a script that automatically spams the space button and floats in water. Is this disallowed now? (I'll have many many more questions like this, as I basically lived on scripts)
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  13. That would be equivalent to placing a book on your space bar. As long as you are not AFK, it's fine.
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  14. Oh, technically, it spams the spacebar on and off in such a fashion that it actually makes the player float in place in water. Is this... allowed?
  15. If you're floating like jesus above water then yes it is cheating. That is just telling me you have a sparastic space baring
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  16. It's something that you are able to do yourself if you are playing with no mods. As long as you are not AFK, it is still fine.
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  17. it's not like jesus, but you do float in the same exact y coordinate. This can be achieved (more or less, not as exact) by just holding the spacebar on and off, however it's very annoying to do it manually when you're doing things like clearing out guardian farms.
  18. As stated...
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  19. I'm awaiting a response from krysyy, I just want to make completely sure everything I use from now on is completely allowed and legal.
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