Ideas for veteran players of EMC 1/18/13

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  1. 1st idea:

    Okay something that has bothered me for a while about EMC is that unless you pay money you can't use a block on the server. That block being TNT.

    Now before you start commenting this post trying to tell me why its like this don't. I already know that its mainly to prevent griefers from having an easier time. I am okay with that.

    My problem is that I have been playing on the server for quite a while and I still can't use TNT for helping clear out areas instead of wasting a lot of time and durability of picks/shovels or having to enlist the help of a diamond supporter to either travel out far enough to an area just to have them use the TNT.

    I came up with an idea a long while ago and sent the admins (at the time you could contact both) the idea and they seemed to either disliked the idea or forgot about it. Since I keep seeing suggestion threads about this or that it got me motivated to create this one to see what other players think.

    The idea is that after being on EMC long enough or active long enough you should be able to get the right to use TNT. Now they might think this just takes away from having more people become diamond but just listen for a second. The idea was that if you want to use TNT right away when you join the server you will have to pay for diamond membership in order to get it. And thus be able to claim more res's utopia perks ect. However, if you can't afford or don't want to get a diamond membership just to use TNT you have to wait for it.

    I would think if a player is willing to stick around or hasn't gotten into major trouble for a long time since they joined then they should probably be low risk for using TNT to grief. I have already seen other players grief without the use of TNT or lava and it didn't seem to slow them down all that much. I have also seen diamond supporters get into trouble for breaking the rules (which makes no sense cause they are paying money and still disobeying the rules).

    Another thing that either could be added to this idea or something to maybe help support this would be for a player who has been on long enough would have to send in an appeal to be granted the use of TNT. Such as getting a license in the real world basically. After you have been on/active long enough you get to send in a little application to a mod asking to be granted the use of TNT and they check your background like any bans for griefing or something and make a judgement call. This is just something I thought about recently maybe to sway the admins into allowing regular users the use of TNT it might not actually be a good idea since I haven't thought to much about this one.

    Oh and also in the next update there will be quite a few more use's for TNT such as TNT minecarts and such. So it would be kinda annoying to get the update on here and have some of the updates mean nothing to regular players because they can't use the TNT.

    2nd idea:

    Another thing that falls under the veteran players idea is the use of becoming invisible on live map. Same idea as the TNT idea I just mentioned but in this case after being on long/active enough you get the use to hide yourself from live map. Also the same as the TNT idea if you want to be able to hide right away pay for iron to diamond membership to be able to use it right away.

    I have been the victim of griefers many times in the past because a friend or two of mine (who are supporters) invite me out to their base and because im on live map if I spend to long out there and a griefer see's it they tend to travel out to that area and grief the place. Iv lost monster grinders, items, and even been harassed by players all because they could see me on live map and figured they would go and use it to their advantage. All to the point to where I lost quite a bit of interest in traveling out to the wild for the fact eventually a griefer will see me out there and want to go exploring why I am out there so much. Or to the point where I have to have live map open not to find how to get back from where I am but to check to see if any players on live map are coming my way incase they might be wanting to come and mess with a friends or my base.

    Now I have thoroughly thought these over and they seem like a good ideas to me. What do you guys think? And maybe some mods/admins could comment and let me know what they think.

    How to determine veteran players? Well I have thought about this as well and even though im not 100% sure about the time limit I think maybe if a player has been on/active at least a year (365 days) they can be considered a veteran player. Since I have seem some players tend to get bored or tired of emc within a year and leave. (and some new players tend to leave after not being active for 10 days and losing their res) So this might help promote more players staying or encourage more players to come.

    I remember hearing a while back something about an update to live map kinda helping make it so that players couldn't see just anyone on live map or something but well I haven't seen that for a while so I figured I would bring this up as maybe an alternative to that idea if its no longer feasible or to difficult to implement or maybe for this to help that idea.
  2. Ps. Sorry the top post is kinda sloppy I was to lazy to make it really professional. I guess I just was tired of waiting around or procrastinating on posting this. :p

    Edit as of 1/19/13

    Since iv gotten a little bit of feedback on it and mostly diamond supporters are against it I figure I will add to the idea of TNT usage with my two ideas.

    1st idea

    After being on/active on the server long enough a player could come to the site here and at a specific area on the site fill out a form, such as how hunters have to get a permit in order to hunt in the real world.

    They would fill out who they are, what their use for the TNT would be (ie, terriforming, mining, ect) and check one or two of those boxes and then send it in. And how long they would like to use it for (ie day, week, ect). Then after maybe a week or two a mod would have had time to look it over and done like a background check on the player wanting to use the TNT for any signs of griefing ect in the past. Then either okay it or denies it. Then you would be informed a week or two after you had filled it out and possibly see what mod ok/denied the request.

    Then for like either a day, week, ect. They would get to use TNT then after that time the power would be taken away and they would have to either request again later or something.

    2nd idea

    This pertains to the dragon update so its similar to what 1-2 of you have tried to suggest. Basically when we finally can use dragon eggs they would have a second purpose which would be to allow players who have been on long/active enough the ability to use TNT in a select area.

    Instead of claiming land in the wild (which I believe uses up the egg or you can't move the egg after you place it by my understanding) you could instead place the egg down in a location (if there was already claimed land there by another egg it wouldn't allow it) and then in that area depending on the size the egg would allow, would let you use tnt in that area. Then once your done or if you need to use it more in a different area you could pick the egg back up somehow and place it down somewhere else to do the same thing.

    However, if your a diamond member you could use TNT at any time anywhere whereas these would require time/work in order to be able to use TNT.

    So how about that? I am pretty sure some diamond members will still be against it cause they feel its taking away their "perk"

    Also the second idea would depend on if Aikra can/wants do add a bit more coding to the egg for this purpose. So sound off in the comments what you think.
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  3. yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. being.... crushed.... by..... wall.... of.... text!!!

    Sounds like a good idea.
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  5. Sorry if I don't explain out everything or be to vague some people might question parts of it or something and I would end up having to type what I put up there again. Just figured put it all there in the first place instead of having to come back and explain more later. I could have put this little info at the end of it to for people who state what you just stated. :p
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  6. I like it, makes alot of sense to me
  7. If these perks were to happen, supporters would have to have new better perks.
  8. You could... ya know... buy supporter.
  9. Or in other words: "You could.. ya know... be rich" :p
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  10. I don't know. I mean... it's a diamond perk. If you want TNT, you become a diamond supporter for a month or however long you like.

    What would you like to replace the TNT perk with then?
  11. town flying? or maybe just residences you own flying?
  12. 1 - No, we (Diamond Supporters) donate to EMC to get these perks so its fair that we get the best for being the top donaters
    2 - This is a perk, what we get given are perks to donation so how fair is it that someone who makes it 365 days gets it for free while someone has donated to get that thing
  13. Personally I want to keep the TNT a diamond perk because its getting to the point where many players are reaching their 1 year or 400 day marks or if your hash98, then yor 500 day mark. Thus making a large majority of the players eligible for TNT and that's just going to lose alot of supporters for EMC.
  14. I became diamond for the money, res' and TNT I would just go to gold or normal if this gets added
  15. The only things I would be interested in is map hide and maybe another res, I can make rupees easy and the only thing about utopia would be maybe less griefing. Making a one of payment for these I would probably do, but I could not and would not pay a monthly sub for these perks. Just my personal opinion, and yeah I agree long time players should have some perks just for their loyalty to EMC.
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  16. The only perk I can see for long time loyal player is maybe a rupee raise to like 300 rupees but I made this count 100 less than iron supporter because in reality ,paying members perks should outweigh those who do not pay. I would not give an extra residence for long time members because then that makes iron and gold supporter ship obsolete . Maybe they can get the custom res message perk but yet again that just takes away a perk from being a supporter which is not in the best interest of the staff.
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  17. Yeah I know what your saying, extra rupees would be good for some, but I am sure there is something that could be added and kept just to loyal long term supporters, something could also be added to paid supporters in the same way something not already included in there perks, but none paid supporters could maybe have an option of some of the basic perks such as map hide. Or an extra res, not everyone can afford to pay for these, and they would only be for long term players, 6 months plus.
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  18. Aye yes, this is the kind of topic that is hard to come to agreeable terms on. It would be hard to take away a perk from supporters and give it to a regular but my final conclusion is that, a new perk be created specifically for veterans supporter and non supporter alike and you must reach a certain amount of days for it. Though I have no perk idea in mind, because its either this conclusive idea I have or no loyalty perks at all. I'm sure they are thinking of ways to keep players by not adding perks so the joy of the benefit is equal for all to experience and have fun with. Ex: Dragon Tombs :)
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  19. Well for those of you (diamond supporters) that are complaining about the TNT thing. The fact of the matter is, is that regular users are being punished in a way for not paying money to be able to use TNT. TNT is part of regular minecraft and when you can't use it somewhere just cause other users abuse it to grief is kinda just like a punishment to regular users who could use it. That in and of itself is unfair to the people thinking its fair they should only get to use it cause they pay money.

    I also know of some diamond members who never use TNT and have no use for it yet are diamond members for the extra res, or rupees, or utopia, ect.

    For the "extra rupees" for being on here long enough. I know quite a few regular members who have never became supporter that already have plenty or rupees and have no use for them. Same with supporters.

    Sure an extra res would be nice but if they did that, then they would have to create even more servers for a lot of the players that claim more then one res.

    One of the reasons why I created this thread now is cause of the newest update is going to be using TNT a bit more. Its basically like punishing players for not paying money to the server in order to use features of minecraft.

    Also some people either don't have the money or the ability to purchase membership's here. Like me for example I have college loans I am paying off. If I went by the time table I calculated out with my payment plan it will take me about 10 years to pay off all my loans. Most of my money is going to the loans, food, gas, and insurance, with a little sometimes for maybe a new game for entertainment that has to last me a few months at least. (which are games that are at least 2 years old and have gone down considerably in price)

    I just am kinda tired of the fact that if I want to be able to use all of the features of minecraft I have to pay money every month.

    Its just like with Mojang and those capes they give to players who attend their conventions. Most minecraft players see that and are like "meh" some might want it but its not like a game changer. If mojang started being like "hey we have this new block we are adding to the game.. but you have to pay us 10 dollars a month to use it" yeah a lot of players would end up paying that money just to use it depending on what it was used for. But some players would kinda be ticked off that mojang would do this cause well all their updates so far have been free. (one of the big attractions and what got me to finally give in and buy minecraft without the safety of a hard copy) They would probably get a lot of hate. Just like when game companies release a game and then later on they release DLC that fixes problems with the game and adds a few features. A lot of players don't like that.
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  20. I'm pretty sure that the mean reason why you need to be diamond is because if every single non-supporter could use it...Well, I don't need to tell you - just picture the area outside the protected zone with x10 damage.

    It also might be limited because of the fact that it would help clear areas, but I'm not sure.

    The dragon update will make res-clearing really easy anyway.

    But why do vet players deserve a perk? I mean yes, most of them would be loyal but how do we know that they're actually good players? I haven't seen you around much Trunks - have you been here the whole time?

    It's not very though out. And I'm not saying that because I'm a diamond supporter, but no escaping from people thinking that I am :p
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