[GIVEAWAY] Winners Announced

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Which one?

Skeleton. *shoots you in the face* 38 vote(s) 52.1%
Enderman. *gives you a heart attack and you fall in lava." 35 vote(s) 47.9%
  1. 1.5 Year Celebration
    Hey Emc! In a couple of weeks, I will be turning 1.5years on emc, which is 540 days to be exact.
    On this thread, there will be a bunch of giveaways you can choose to enter. So, here it goes! MAKE SURE TO READ THE OP!!!!!
    You can only enter 2 Giveaways, so choose wisely.
    1. Perky Giveaway - Are you a free-to-play player on emc? Now is your chance to get supporter!
    -Share your past experiences with skeletons or enderman.
    1 Gold Supporter Voucher

    2. Winter Giveaway - Love snow and snowballs? Then this is the giveaway for you!:cool:
    -Share what you did this winter.
    1 Blizz Ard's Eye
    1 Blizz Ard's Arm
    2 Avalaunchers
    1 130spd Horse, "Glacier"

    3. Mega Giveaway - Really Unlucky? Lots of prizes in this giveaway! :D
    -Ask me a question and like this thread.

    1 Wither Skeleton Head
    1 Nether Star
    64 Emeralds
    1 Holiday Candle
    1 Pot of Gold
    2 Vault Vouchers
    1 Stable Voucher
    30 Stone Slabs :p
    64 Diamonds
    1 110spd Horse
    7 Dragon Fragments
    1 Marlix Bow
    7 Dragon Stones
    1 119spd Horse
    2 2015 New Years Firework
    10 Shiny Flesh
    32 Iron Blocks
    My Head
    2 2015 Labor Bench
    1 Enraged Guardian Egg
    1 Spooky Egg

    General Rules-
    -No Alts Please.
    -Winners will choose their own prize, 1st will choose, then 2nd, then 3rd, etc in a pm.
    -All Winners will be determined using random.org. (Don't worry, I will handle it.)
    -Like I said before, if you constantly get supporter every month, please don't enter. Let other non-supporters have their chance.
    -Remember, you can only enter 2 Giveaways.
    -If you are generous, mail me your head, I am starting to make a head collection. I don't care if you aren't a staff member, just send me it. Thanks! :D
    Want to see the winners? Click this
  2. Thanks to the Following People....
    iamcavie- Vault Voucher
    NickkG- 500r from Mob Arena
    Zion_Moyer- Sold 2 Marlix Bows to me
    Silken_Thread- Sold Gold Supporter Voucher
    BitcoinDigger- Sold Enraged Guardian Egg
    Birosquiha- 450k (from auction)
    Kytula-Participating in logo
    nltimv-Participating in logo
    gladranger7-Participating in logo
    Jelle68-Participating in logo
    ObscureGolem- Avalauncher, 4 Dragon Stones, Labor Bench and Emeralds

    Bored? Do a Puzzle!
    Prize- Bragging Rights. :p
    This puzzle is a word scramble.
    Letters- P O T R T E E L
    Use these letters to figure out the word!
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Hint: Something I can do.
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  3. Have a "good one" with your friends :D
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  4. Prize 1:
    i love endermen, when the take a building block that u need in ur house u just are like aww thanks...(jerk)
    Prize 2:
    Snowballs are awesome because u can hit mobs with them or in Pavo and make them mad
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  5. This applies to me as well..
  6. So we can't enter yet, I understand that. But can I reserve a post for entering? Lol

    Edit: I assume by your comment on my page we can enter? :p here goes.

    1.) My past expirence with enderman673 are overall good. Every once in a while I'll accidenlty make one mad, but usually I just kill them at Grinders lol.
    Ah yes the majestic Skeleton... I have come to peace with SkeleTin007's cousins :)

    3.)When did you first start playing Minecraft (not emc)
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  7. I will forget so I am just leaving this random post :rolleyes: till when we can enter
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  8. What color is the sky?
  9. 1. I used to think endermen were really hard to kill so I tried to avoid them... then on my first day on EMC I was like yolo and rekt an enderman (◕ヮ◕) I got the pearl and was so happy! As I danced with pearl in hand, I didn't notice a creeper coming up behind me and blowing me up... stupid creepers

    3. What superpower would you like to have? Liked your post (ᵔᴥᵔ)
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  10. 1. Skeletons are a waste of time, i normally just ignore them and try to dodge their arrows. For endermen they are kinda funny to plsy with in the sense of shooting arrows at them(although they will tp away) and is fun to watch them die in rain.

    2. I went to ski with my family

    *Celebration noises*
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  11. 1. Two thing. One, although I'm a supporter now I don't get this monthly so I should be able to do this giveaway and two, I love enderman with them always teleporting around all the time (why else would I have a similar skin) and I hate skeleton, always shooting me every 2 seconds (especially marlix) and it is always in the face.

    3. Which do you like, Wither or Ender Dragon?
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  12. Also where do we donate?
  13. Prize 2:
    I sat inside and wondered when the hell winter was gonna end
    Prize 3:
    How do you make those pictures you tell stories with?
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  14. 1. When I first started minecraft I had a rough time with both skeletons and endermen. Now they are a piece of cake.

    2. I am a cub scout leader and we went winter camping with the cub pack.

    edit: I am not a regular supporter as I bought this one with rupees.
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  15. Prize 2 - I was inside away from the cold with a hot chocolate watching films
    Prize 3- What makes you keep playing on EMC/Minecraft?
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  16. Want to say a big thanks for letting us redo this, and congrats!

    Giveaway 1) I was mining obsidian when a enter man appeared right in front of me. I let go of shift and.... The end.

    Giveaway 2) I went skiing and snowboarding in Japan (since in Singapore there's no snow. )
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  17. Giveaway 1) A skeleton shot me off a cliff. Stupid skeleton.

    Giveaway 3) Are you part spider/zombie on the inside?
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  18. Flight
    EnderDragon. Withers always kill me in Mob Arena.
    I will set up a hopper in my teleport room. :)
    I have no art skill at all, I just use mine-imator. Its easy, simple, and fun to use. Sometimes it takes time though.
    Great community and improving my residence. Plus, some of my irl friends play minecraft too. :)
    No. I hate spiders in minecraft and irl too. :p