[GIVEAWAY] Winners Announced

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Which one?

Skeleton. *shoots you in the face* 38 vote(s) 52.1%
Enderman. *gives you a heart attack and you fall in lava." 35 vote(s) 47.9%
  1. Sometimes? :/
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  2. I edited my first post that cool? Or should I put it on this post? XD
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  3. Congrats on approaching 1.5 years of EMC! I wish to donate some additional prizes for the giveaway to make it even better!
    2.) I was at my parents house, got a 3DS and went to LA!
    3.) What is your all-time favorite game(video or traditional)?
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  4. You still like them tho am I right #wafflez
  5. Mariokart. The game I grew up with, I was so addicted. ;)
    Sorry for answering late, I had to do lots of work
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  6. A few months before I joined the empire. :)
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  7. bump. Dont miss a chance on great prizes!
  8. Prize 2: This last winter I stored up on food, grabbed my laptop, and hibernated to my lair to binge watch Netflix

    Prize 3: How much seeds could a seed chicken seed if a seed chicken could seed seeds?

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and happy 1.5 years!!
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  9. 0 seeds. :p
  10. -Ask me a question
    Do you prefer marriage squid or marriage fish?
    -Share your past experiences with skeletons or enderman.
    Well, I remember my first time at endertopia was awful. I somehow managed to enrage about five endermen, resulting in me being mobbed...
    And skeletons, they just wind me up by knocking me out of the air whilst jumping.

    This is posted on TotoStyle's behalf.
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  11. Marriage Fish
    Btw, you are TotoStyle? Correct? (If you win, I want to send prizes to the right account.)
  12. bump. Still plenty of prizes available in 3
  13. Giveaway 1: Skeletons aren't that scary, really... But since Endermen are rather rare, I'd rather share my own experience with skeletons. Those pests can do you a whole world of trouble, especially if you're trying to mine something high or you're near a lava pit and they jump on you with arrow flying in every directions. Trust me, I died quite a lot of times because of those bony bow-wielding bastards. (Sorry for the language. I want to make a 3Bs to define the skeletons and to emphasize my hate for them :p)

    Giveaway 2: I stayed in my room, gaming and eating unhealthy but delicious snacks and wondering what have I been doing with my life.
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  14. Yes, I am Toto, I just cannot access the forums on that account at the moment.
  15. bump still 15ish days to enter
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  16. Giveaway 2: I went skiing with my family :p
    Giveaway 3: Apple or Microsoft?
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  17. Bump
    Hrghorhg, i will answer your question when I get off mobile.