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Which one?

Skeleton. *shoots you in the face* 38 vote(s) 52.1%
Enderman. *gives you a heart attack and you fall in lava." 35 vote(s) 47.9%
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    After a busy but lucrative trip through the depths of the wastelands, I had to dig my way to the surface because my pockets were full and supplies were low and there was no clear route to safety. I came out into the fresh night air into the middle of a zombie convention that was having a discussion with a creeper about inclusion or some such. I fought valiantly to escape and sustained grave injuries but was on my way. I ran quickly around some trees and was heading for high ground but alas.... the snipers had me in their sights. At least I took two of the three skeletons with me into the eternal darkness of respawn.

    Do you have alts and if so, do you think its worth paying for another account and maintaing it?
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  2. I am playing on a mac right now, so apple.
    I used to have an alt. I think its worth it because you can get twice the amount of stuff, when claiming promos. You also can use your alt on other servers as well. Sometimes I try to play both at the same time. :p
  3. Prize 1: In a UHC one time an enderman turned on me when I was mining ores... didn't even see it. It just appeared out of nowhere and attacked me. I actually killed it with 2 hearts left!

    Prize 3: What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft?
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  4. Building without getting any of the materials :p
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  5. 1. I'm not fond of skeletons.. even more so in 1.9. They are my main cause of death :p
    But on the other hand.. I like endermen ^_^ the worst they do, unless provoked, is a little griefing lol I like the noises they make too :p

    3. If you could have dinner with anyone in modern or past time periods, who would it be?

    Puzzle answer, guess: teleport
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  6. You. jk
    Uh- idk. ;)
    Btw you correctly answered the puzzle. :D
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  7. Awww I feel like I should give YOU something for that answer *^_^*

    And woot! Bragging rights! Lol :p
  8. :p
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  9. Still even so, it was a cute joke :p
  10. Ummm.. oh I was building a fort in my xbox world called Terra Turres when I was adding the fourth turret I was shooting the mobs it the forest nearby and then out of no were this enderman pops up and throws me off into the mobs :/ It gets worse I come to recollect my gear and 2 skeletons are enjoying it all I died like five times...

    Do u like hamburgers or hotdogs better?
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  11. No I don't think you did
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  12. Hot Dog Plain ;)
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  13. BUMP!
    5 days left until this ends!
    Sign up now!
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  14. Congratulations on 1.5 years!
    #1: One time, a skeleton 360 no scoped me off of a cliff, and an enderman RKO'd me from outta nowhere mid-air.
    #2: This winter I spent time with my family and chilled. *Badum Tsh*
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