[GIVEAWAY] Winners Announced

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Which one?

Skeleton. *shoots you in the face* 38 vote(s) 52.1%
Enderman. *gives you a heart attack and you fall in lava." 35 vote(s) 47.9%
  1. Hm, very nicely done, I like this giveaway set-up! :)
    I have an experience with a skeleton I recall: once, while I was playing UHC with friends, a skeleton shot me down a ravine. Lost half my health due to getting hit once. >.>
    And this Winter... I went to school :p And I celebrated the end of the old and beginning of the new year, of course.
  2. What a great winter. :p Adding you on, (bump)
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  3. bump :)
    3 Days left! :D
  4. ender have you had a great time on empire, which smp do you like more hopes you say smp7*
  5. Can you TP, or is your magic not strong enough?

    (No one needs to know about that anagram in the OP... shh)
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  6. smp3 and smp8. I have a good times on smp3, I just don't have a res there yet. :p (make sure to like the thread to enter :p)
    Maybe? ;) Muahaha
  7. Bump less than 12hrs!!!! HURRRY! ;)
  8. Bump. I will announce winners as soon as I get off mobile.
  9. Drum roll please :)
  10. Wow! 26 Players walk away with goodies! :D
    Winner of the Gold Supporter Voucher-ESLEEM
    Winners of the Winter Giveaway-
    1. AmusedStew
    2. KindlingFire
    3. fBuilderS
    4. IronDoesPvp

    Finally, all of the 21 winners from the Mega Giveaway. If you aren't on this list, then you are really unlucky. :p

    1. thatsillyjohnkid
    2. Chespinlover77
    3. fishboyrules
    4. Kytula
    5. SteamboatWillie
    6. RunderCaster
    7. ww2fan168
    8. ShyguytheGamer1
    9. Jelle68
    10. W0rld_craft3r
    11. Omegian04
    12. DabStab
    13. dshadowx1
    14. KJCHAV
    15. Raaynn
    16. Kyzoy
    17. testman12345
    18. Sachrock
    19. ChickenDice
    20. gladranger7
    21. PhoenixAffinity
    +22. Guill
    +23. nuclearbobomb
    +24. Hrghorhg
    +25. PeculiarPotato
    30 Stone Slabs :p
    1 110spd Horse
    10 Shiny Flesh
    So, about choosing your prize. I will pm all of you in a convo and we will talk about prizes. The first place winner will choose, then second, then third, etc. :)
    I hope you all have a great day. Yay 540 days on the empire! :D
  11. Title changed per request.
  12. When I saw I was I winner I shouted in class and started jumping, then the teacher told me to settle down :D
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  13. I guess I am really unlucky. At least i am very optimistic in my pessimism. Great give away! Cograts to everyone and thank you for the chance to win.
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  14. I never win giveaways nowadays, which is funny, because in the months of me being here, I won them like 50% of the time. It's nice, though, because back then, I actually used the stuff I won, while now I hardly get in-game so don't really need to win giveaways.
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  15. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for the great give away EnderMagic. :)
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