[GIVEAWAY] Winners Announced

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Which one?

Skeleton. *shoots you in the face* 38 vote(s) 52.1%
Enderman. *gives you a heart attack and you fall in lava." 35 vote(s) 47.9%
  1. When I first joined EMC it was on smp3. I then saw a thread about a public enderman farm to get XP. Once I figured out how to switch smp's and how to get out there, I loved it. It was on smp5. This was the reason I switched my home to 5. Been there ever since and will always be there :p

    Wasn't much of a winter in my area this year until the last few months. Mostly stayed in. Don't like being cold :p

    Thank you for the giveaways and good luck to all :)
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  2. 2. I hung around the Pvp arenas.

    3. What is your favorite event on EMC?
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  3. Miner Mania.:D
  4. 1. Well, one time I was trying to find a skeleton dungeon, so that I could build my own grinder. I started digging, and unfortunately found a lava pit. I turned around and jumped in my chair, surprised to see a skeleton standing right behind me, and shot me. I think you can guess the rest. :p;)

    3. Do you like bones, bows, and arrows more than enderpearls?
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  5. Giveaway 2- I went to Disneyland!
    Giveaway 3- What is your favorite color? :)
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  6. What day did you joined EMC?
    #Giveaway 3
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  7. Perky Giveaway

    Okay. Once I was in the wild exploring with a friend... And I found a Enderman my friend looked at it and died we both had no armour so my best option was run BUT I realized there was a skele in front of me so my life ended right there.

    Winter Giveaway

    Since I live in New Zealand and its turning winter now ill tell ya what I did last winter.. Well my family except for my dad has touched snow so we went to the snow for the first time ( except for my dad ) and all of us went skiing and snowboarding.
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  8. 1. I made a resource pack that takes away the pumpkin blur, so now I can hang out with endermen all day long, if i want to! :D
    2. This winter I dug out 2 and a half cars, shoveled the sidewalk twice and went sledding, all in one day.
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  9. Prize 2: I went skiing on a double black diamond lift... and fell off the chair xD
    Prize 3: If you were stranded on an island with:
    1. A bird
    2. A cage
    3. 64 gapples
    4. A horse + lead
    5. A cheeseburger

    What would you do, how would you use these things? :D
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  10. Prize 1)
    Skeletons? Always pushing me back with their arrows before I can get to them... :rolleyes: Endermen? Surprisingly, I don't seem to get harassed by them too much!

    Prize 2)
    I spent Christmas with my family, and before Christmas, I visited Anon in Cardiff! ^_^
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  11. November 29, 2014. :) #2014Player
    Ouch! I am always scared of falling off the lifts. :eek:
    Uh, I would put the bird in the cage. I would eat the cheeseburger. I would gather dirt from the island and start placing blocks across the water. :p The horse and gapples would stay in my inventory until I reached land. :)
  12. PRIZE 2
    Over this winter, I slept and played Call Of Duty :)

    PRIZE 3
    What is your favorite Action Movie? :)

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  13. 1: In my early days of minecrafting I hid in my house from endermen thinking they were always hostile.

    3: Why one and a half years? (Why did you stay)
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  14. 2. I got really cold at minus 35C ... plus windshield.

    3. What is YOUR preference, shot by skeleton, or heart-attacked by an enderman?
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  15. Star Wars and Ant Man :D
    I just wanted to be those "oldies" on emc. I try to help players and trying to improve my social skills. :/ And, I am constantly building my residence.
    Skeletons. They always kill me: mobarena, UHC(OMG they are so deadly in UHC), and survival. :)
  16. 1. Enderman are like the death of me a seem never to kill them only in a farm.
    2. I went sledding a lot and had to replace my 4-wheeler.
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  17. Giveaway #1:
    I did alsways play minecraft in peacefull, so I don't really have anything with a sceleton, but endermens...
    the days I was Gold supporter for the first time (I'm talking about 2 years+ ago) I went to Endetopia, and, I get killed, because I didn't know that you have to "wear" a pumpkin... But someone told me, quite alot strugling later, that I had to wear a pumpkin, so, I took one, and renamed it "Jelle68's Ender pumkin" The funny thing is, I'ave still got it. or, I don't know were, its "somewere" in my-unsorted-storge-of-150-DC...

    Giveaway #3:
    How many cookies are you able to eat when you'ave got three trees in your hair?
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  18. 1. Perky Giveaway
    I was at the end (on single player), it had taken me ages to get there, and I went to get a drink, thinking I had paused the game, I came back and I was dead :/
    3. Mega Giveaway
    How do you get to fund things like this ? :p

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  19. Uh- zero? I never have trees in my hair :p
    Save rupees, sell promos, and auction stuff.