[GIVEAWAY] Winners Announced

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Which one?

Skeleton. *shoots you in the face* 38 vote(s) 52.1%
Enderman. *gives you a heart attack and you fall in lava." 35 vote(s) 47.9%
  1. Giveaway 1- One a Skeleton hit me when I was running and shot me where I wanted to be but when I landed another skele hit me backwards into lava D:

    Giveaway 2- This winter I went to my aunts in New Jersey. We went sledding and I hit a tree XD We made snow forts then had a snowball fight. I also made a igloo which took forever. Then we built a tall snowman and I made a GIANT snowball that I couldnt pick up so I rolled it into the driveway lol. The next day my friend came over and we played MineCraft and We went outside without coats on and she got frost bite :/ Thats some of the stuff I did this winter!!
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  2. 1. Perky Giveaway - Are you a free-to-play player on emc? Now is your chance to get supporter!
    - Well, I'm going to share my stories of both Endermen and Skeletons. Endermen have always been a pain to me as during the night I'd be in my four block high house, and an enderman would just pop in there and kill me. This mainly accord when I was just starting a survival so later on, if I was lucky, would simply kill then with ease. Skeletons I've always never had a problem with. I'd just run up to 'em and start beating them with dirt or with whatever I pleased. Sometimes I'd trap them and get a creeper trapped as well and get a disc from their services.

    3. Mega Giveaway - Really Unlucky? Lots of prizes in this giveaway! :D
    - I have already liked the thread, as I always do anyway. Now for the juicy question, I ask you what would you do if you were given the chance to be on the staff team on Empire Minecraft or get billions of dollars, which you get sorted into what you'll spend what amount of money on whatever you please, donate one million dollars to EMC and get the amount of diamond vouchers and rupees that come with that.

    Congrats on one-and-a-half years on EMC, may your days be longer :D
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  3. Prize 1 - Enderman are just kinda like huge puppies :) and skeletons get on my nerve whn I cant get to them :/ so Enderman!

    Prize 3 - Who has been the biggest role model on EMC for you?
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  4. Prize 1: When I first joined EMC and went to the wastes, I hadn't realized my starter armor had broken and I hadn't made new armor, so my first death was by a skeleton. I was new to MC too though, so could be another reason I was so confused, haha. And enderman, well, I usually just sit in water and stare at them because it's funny.

    Prize 3: What do you think about Voter's gear? :p
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  5. 1. I don't go out of town much so I try not to deal with skeletons and endermen

    3.Do you prefer shrek 1 or 2? (I left out 3 and 4 for obvious reasons)
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  6. Hm. Billions of Dollars :p Then, I could buy all the promos and supporter vouchers that I can want. :D

    Probably Shel or FB, they have been around since I joined in 2014. Plus, I make fun of Shel's posts. :p
    Voter's gear sucks in Mob Arena. I use iron armor instead. However, the voter tools are so much better.
  7. bump many promos and stuff up for grabs!!!
  8. bump...........
  9. 1. Share your past experiences with skeletons or enderman:

    When I was a somewhat newer player I always used an enderman farm on SMP5 to farm for my experience to enchant books and whatnot for my shop. In order to get rid of the enderman along the path to the farm, there were more than a hundred snow golems placed. I vividly recall the server tps being from around 7-10 for nearly two weeks, with a server crash here and there.

    What ended up happening was that when the snow golems threw their snowballs and missed their target, the snowballs would collectively continue falling in the void. In the end, Aikar found hundreds of thousands of entities, falling endlessly.

    Thanks Scruffy :)

    3. Question for OP:

    In your 1,5 years of playing on the Empire, what is your proudest accomplishment?
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  10. Dude, you have no idea how much that means to me :D Cheers.
    As for the giveaway... *rechecks OP* right thats what I was doing
    I was at ForeverMaster0's enderman farm on smp5 punching those enderman and then I accidently right clicked with an enderpearl in my hand. I was promptly surrounded by enderman who, for some reason, seemed to hate me :p It was a quick death
    Last winter I player EMC, there was no snow...
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  11. None? I hate shrek :p
    Some of my proudest accomplishments
    • Creating Creeperton on smp3 with some friends.
    • Managing my 1 year event semi-successfully
    • Building 2 Themed Residences my whole emc career
    • Somehow keeping all of my promos and not selling them
    • Getting 100k by just voting.
    • And being semi-well known on the empire forums. :p

    Actually, I was like half-awake last night so I had no idea what I was typing. :p You were one player that popped into my head, so you weren't my main guy. ;) Chespin or Gage have helped me begin and start emc, probably them too.
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  12. 2. crying alot
    3. What is so good about "Ender magic"?

    thx m8
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  13. "Who do you look up to?"
    "Ummm.. *yawn* potato"
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  14. lol (BUMP)
  15. If you are asking how I made my username, then here it is...
    I loved enderman. I liked sorcery and magic in other games. So I combined it. And the 1 is because EnderMagic is taken. :p
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  16. Giveaway 1: The first time I ever played minecraft I made a house inside a small clifside Out of dirt I walked out my wood door and saw a enderman ( first mob a encountered beside a cow or sheep or pig or chicken) and then I died

    Giveaway 3: Do you like waffles?
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