Friday Night Mining [2015]

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  1. Hosted by: Dramanya

    The fun starts at 5pm EMC time.

    Friday Night Mining
    This isn't a normal event, there won't be prizes nor will there be any competition. This is just a peaceful way to go out with a few (hundred) people and mine a bit.

    Who: Anyone and everyone is invited to join. No matter your experience level in-game you will have fun mining with us!
    What: We will be mining. It's that simple. No PvP, No competition. Just mining for the resources and to get out of town for a bit.
    Where: The server location will be released in the event broadcast messages with the exact location being released just prior to the event starting. We may be in the Overworld or Nether. Check broadcast for info each week.
    When: This event will be held at 8pm EMC time every Friday. It has been going for 3-4+ hours each night so feel free to join at anytime!
    Note: Life does sometimes get in the way of Minecraft and so we cannot promise this event will be held every Friday but we will do our best.
    Why: For FUN!

    Things to remember:
    • You need to bring your own gear (tools, armor, food etc). We will not supply you. (Though the community does a great job of supporting each other during these events.)
    • Bring extra food to share with other players. It's a nice thing to do!
    • If our trip takes us to the Nether you may want to bring cobble to build a small shelter.
    • All EMC rules still apply.
    • I will add more here as we do more of these events.
    Don't forget Mumble
    I use Mumble (Click here for info) during these events as talking is easier and funnier to do then typing. So feel free to join the growing Mumble community (at any time really-I may be on right now) during this event.

    Special credit goes to samsimx for starting the 'Friday Night Miners' event which this one is a copy of while he was inactive.

    I will look for location and event suggestions below!
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  2. 10 April 2015:
    Hello all! I have had a great time hosting these mining events for the past 4+ months and it has been a blast because of you. Thank you! Unfortunately I have become busy with other projects both EMC and real life related that are making my time less and less available. With that I am stepping away from hosting the FNM event and turning the job over to samsimx. samsimx was the originator of the FNM event and he is looking forward to leading you all into the /waste each Friday again. I will still be seeing you all out there so happy mining (and building)!


    29 May 2015

    Tonight's FNM event will be on server: /smp_

    in the Overworld

    Location: /waste _
    Coords: TBA

    To be included in the mining group: /tell Host name !invite

    To prevent spamming this command will only work every 2 seconds. So, if you do not get an invite please wait a few seconds and try again.
    (Also note: above will only work during the FNM event.)

    Previous trips since last reset:
    /smp3 - Overworld (South West)
    /smp7 - Overworld
    /smp9 - Overworld (South East)
    /smp2 - Overworld (South-West)
    /smp1 - Nether (Center)
  3. Cool... I'm Definitely going to be there

    EDIT: I thought it was Saturday...
  4. Awesome!
    Note: I will maintain this post with pictures (through a weekly imgur album) and write a review for each week! :D

    to be added soon!

    Reviews: reviews to be added soon!
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  5. Ughh totally forgot it was Friday
    I not gonna be able to make :(
    I have a lock-in to go to :D

    But I hope the rest of you have a blast.

    Edit: I bet you will have a blast since mrsocks is your host ;)
  6. Looks fun!
    But ill never come becouse of the time :-(
    At 8PM it wil be midnight in Holland ( So I will be sleeping )
    Hope you guys have fun
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  7. How awesome maybe ppl can get some cool stuff :D
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  8. I guess Sam wasn't able to keep his promise with Night Miners.
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  9. How about a /spreadplayers command so we don't get in eachothers way of mining?
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  10. When Sam is able to he will take this back. I am simply keeping his great idea alive for him and the community.
  11. Sounds great, will try to make it tonight! :)
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  12. looks nice
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  13. Hey! Took some pics of our awesome mining town/whatever da heck you call it. Lots of fun! Hope someone took a group selfie (or will)!

    Thanks to our host, MrSocks75! :)

  14. Thanks so much Socks! That was a lot of fun, and I got to kill a Momentus. A new city opened up in the southeast wastelands thanks to you! :D. Hope we can do this again some time in the future!
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  15. I was killed fighting a momentus, and dropped a sword an a bow. The sword was renamed skyshredder, and the bow was renamed shriller. If anyone has them, it would be much appreciated if returned. These weapons have great sentimental value to me. Upon return of either weapon, I will repay with 3,500 rupees per weapon, no questions asked.

    On another note, we had a lot of fun! There was the occasional loss of expensive player items. Someone lost a few enchanted picks as they said in the chat, and that sucks. But we all had a good time :) Erected a whole town in a few hours, and got some great gear! I got 3 stacks of quartz ores, 2 dia horse armors, a number of other horse armors, 2 stacks of coal ore, 10 diamond ores, 15 cooked turkey, 5 nametags and much more!

    I may go next time as well, if I'm able to retrieve/replace my lost equipment.
  16. :) Was a really fun event! Got a lot of Ores! :D
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  17. Super fun got good pics and stuff!
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  18. It's updated since then, I can make another album :p
    EDIT: Extra pictures.
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