Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. Well, this sounds like a lovely issue. :p Especially because you're unlikely to notice it (right away). If you assume it's burned, you probably won't go looking for it under the lava. :D
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  2. Any update on this?
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  3. You are welcome to send a bug report to https://pmdev.emc.gs/ Be sure to include details on where you are seeing this so we can investigate this.

    Edit: I just checked the nether fortress I had from over 7 years ago (not an exaggeration) and it still spawns wither skeletons. You are probably just running against mob caps if I had to guess. You are welcome to shoot that message still.
  4. This is a bit late, but I'd like to thank all the people who worked really hard on this update to get it through to us! I had previously left EMC due to one of the reasons being that we were so behind on updates, but now I'm back and ready to stay once again. Everything you've guys done has made the possibility of reuniting with old friends come true <3
  5. I already did send a message. The entire area is completely cleared out so the mob cap is not the issue, and I was using it when only one other player was online.
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  6. Both my fortressea that were generated with the creation of the smp3 nether no longer spawn fortress mobs when they did prior to the update. I went out and found a new fortress in chunks generated in 1.15 and it spawns fortress mobs fine. Why would old fortresses have to fight the mob cap, when new ones aren't? I'll send you a PM this afternoon with the coords of all three fortresses once I get to my computer.

    Also worth noting, the nether hunting grounds on smp8, which is another old fortress, does still spawn fortress mobs. To me, it appears that some fortresses broke, while others didn't.

    EDIT: PM Sent.
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  7. Thank you for the messages. I acknowledge there is some strange behavior afoot. Honestly not sure what is going on. I have a private track ticket linking both of your PMs. So that I have to circle back around on this.
    I am working with Aikar to pull the raw world files to analyze the save files directly to see where things are messing up.
  8. I have a different nether fortress near me, generated in 1.12.2, would like me to test that one? :)
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  9. You can check it out. I need to look at the world data though, so looking at more fortresses - I don't think will give any helpful information.
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  10. The newest restart appears to have fixed a lot of the TPS problems, thanks devs <3
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  11. We also have a broken Nether Fortress - no wither spawns. At the site of our largest Nether dig. We have already found a new location and have begun excavation. Not looking forward to death by lava, assisted by ghasts, lol. But, that is Minecraft - gotta roll with the punches!!!
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  12. Well, very late reaction I suppose and you'll also have to forgive me for not going through all 8 pages of comments (at the time of writing) but I still wanted to get something off my chest ;)

    First of all: congratulations and well meant compliments for upgrading the Empire to 1.15! A very impressive feat indeed!

    It was the funniest thing... last night I had just finished up installing and post-configuring Exchange 2019 on a Windows server when I decided that I wanted to do something else to get my mind of things before bed. I fired up MC1.12 only to discover that I could no longer connect to EMC, I wonder... :confused:

    First impressions are very good, I am mostly impressed with the way in which your custom command set seemingly blends into the new parser ('Brigadier'). Aya quickly discovered that this was a solution she'd be wanting to have for ages: a quicker way to locate vault pages. Instead of having to hover your mouse you can now simply press a letter and dozens of names will pop up (depending on how many pages you have of course), which makes this a lot better than before.

    Anyway, it's been a while since I played on EMC so I'm probably a little rusty on the commands (it also doesn't help that I customized just about everything there was to customize on my account & res. settings ;)) but we'll get there. For now Aya & me are probably going to do a bit of mining and messing around.

    Aya is extremely lucky because her outpost mostly consists of water (an ocean); her main base is an ocean monument which we slowly but steadily emptied. Who knows... maybe we can also set up some kind of underwater thingie, powered by a conduit :)

    But yeah.... thanks for all the hard work you guys, very impressive indeed!
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  13. While I accept the compliment. Sadly we are not hooking into Bridagider (YET!). The current state of command completions is probably going to stay for at least the next 2 months. I estimate summer is the earliest I will get time to work on commands more.
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  14. So the latest version of lag fixes broke iron farms? Just curious if that was intentional or a side effect of reducing lag.
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  15. If you send me coordinates in a private message, I will take a look.
    Chances are that the change was intentional though - not to nerf them. But to fix a bug.
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  17. Because smp1/smp3 did not receive an update with the rest of the servers. Will be fixed soon
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  19. I have noticed that villagers just stand frozen unless I'm within 5 blocks from them. I have to walk with them to work and back to their beds. By the time I get them where they go it's getting dark and have to start over walking them to their beds. My village is broken. Is this going to be a thing or is it being looked into. Thanks
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  20. Entity range for villagers is 6 blocks. This was changed in the 1.15 update.
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