Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. Last nights update had a bug that wiped out a lot of chunks light data, making a lot of chunks go dark, or in some cases be lit when it shouldn't be, but mostly dark.

    If you find an impacted area, please message SS where and they can repair it for you.

    It would of only impacted chunks loaded for around 3 hours between 2:30-5:30AM EMC/EST time I believe was the range, so very few players on.

    But 1 player teleporting in town could of loaded a lot of chunks (I did a lot of repairing on smp6 already)
  2. Can the addition of raids in wild be addressed again? I understand that there may be a lack of villages in some areas but the new towers wouldn't spawn in old chunks anyways.

    Another note is that villages can be made very easily now so that should fix any issues of limited villages. So now even if you come across a mobile raid party, anywhere you want to create a village, you can participate in said raids.

    You only need spawn eggs for villagers since they won't auto spawn.

    Hopefully you consider this addition as it is a fun part of the wild life.
  3. It would be nice to have a raid farm in a place that won't get reset.
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  4. Raid farms are something that we likely won't support. Will be adjusting configs for raids.

    We are looking at supporting raids for Frontier, but farms are not a target for support. Raids cost tremendous lag, so we have to be careful with them.
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  5. Hopefully thing becomes a thing then. Not looking to farm. Manually fighting raids is the fun part.
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