Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. I am proud to announce EMC's update to Minecraft version 1.15.2!

    NOTE: The update is not perfect yet. Please help fight the lag. Avoid using any large redstone machines for a while. Don't fill your residence with bees/villagers. Consider exploring slower (those chunks have to be created...) Be careful, so we can work to fix the bugs...

    Countless hours have been spent to bring you this update.

    Special thanks go to the following people for helping me bring you this update.
    • Aikar for his vast programming knowledge which keeps EMC running.
    • The Staff team for helping find lots of bugs to make today's update go well.
    • MoreMoople for helping create the skins for the new mob heads.
    • Finally, the Community for sticking with us through the various delays to this update.
    Report all bugs to the dev team at pmdev.emc.gs. We look forward to expediently fixing any issues that may pop up.

    Intentionally seeking exploits is not okay though! If there is an exploit you want to test, pm the devs first and await our response. Reason: if we find you trying to find exploits, we have to assume you were not going to report it. :(

    Per Krysyy, there are some rule changes with regards to this update and the availability of global chat. For now, please use global economy chat for advertising shops and keep to the previous established time limits. We'll be understanding about people learning this change, and it will hopefully prevent the log in spam over time. Additional tweaks decided later.

    The next reply in this thread outlines the changes for this update. We reserve the option to disable other features if there are unexpected issues (either bugs or lag). Hopefully this will not be necessary.

    Known bugs:
    • Command completion issues. Tab-completions are not going to always working correctly, they work fairly well though.
    • Possible small conversion issues. PM us with anything you notice.
    • Pumpkin shop signs will need recreated to be Carved Pumpkins.
    • Reported that certain mobs trying to walk off residences.
    • With the release of empires delayed (explained below), some commands 'may' show up as completions, but they will give you an error if you try to use them.
    • Games server is mostly disabled. Senior Staff will work to re-open some of these as they have time.
    • There were a couple of 1.12 bugs/features that I said I would try to fix with this update. Some of those announced fixes/features did not make it.
      Such as... attributes on items not combining properly. Or per-block build flags. Or re-evaluating current mechanics of various things.
    Addressing Minecraft 1.16. It is too early to make any comments about the timeline of that update. The devs have not been made aware of any changes which cause the same level of issues that 1.13 did. I plan to immediately start working on it once Spigot releases their 1.16 api.
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  2. Miscellaneous changes involving new game mechanics:
    • Conduits will not target an entity on another residence.
    • Blast Furnace, Lectern, Smokers, Barrels, and Composters were added to the lockable blocks list.
    • Mob Heads added: ravager, fox (regular/white), brown mushroom cow, pandas (regular/brown), wandering trader, various cat heads, dolphin.
    • Add Enraged Drowned. Enraged Zombies have the ability to transform into Enraged Drowned.
    • Add Enraged Phantom (as if regular phantoms were not horrifying enough). We hope to improve this mob at a later time.
    • Bees are not able to be angry in town. (Specifically where player damage is set to false).
    • In town, bees will try to wander off your residences and awkwardly stop at the edge.
      To mitigate this, you should either completely enclose them or keep them in the wild only. This may be improved in the future.
    • Special fireworks will not be usable in crossbows.
    • Entities will not pick up items “owned” by a player. This effects villagers and foxes specifically.
    • Unbreakable items cannot be used from dispensers. Example: voter shears cannot be used to shear sheep.
    • Time since last sleep stat will reset when relogging, right-clicking on a bed to set spawn, and when leaving protected areas. This is relevant to phantom spawning. Also phantoms will not spawn in damage false areas.
    • Patrols and raids are enabled only for the wastelands world. The reason for this change is due to the absence of natural villages in the frontier world that the server will recognize for this feature. The natural landscape of the wastelands pairs well with this vanilla experience.
    • Paper did patch the zero tick farm bug from vanilla minecraft. This is a bug and will stay patched.
    • Cross-server chat for chat channels: Community, Market, and Supporter.
    • /tell private messaging is also cross-server.
    • Added a Server chat channel.
    • Bees, pandas, trader llamas, dolphins, foxes, and turtles can be eggified.
      This does not include the Wandering Trader.
    • Fish mobs must be picked up with buckets. Not eggifiable.
    • When you try to eggify, damage, or name tamed entities owned by someone else, you will get a feedback message containing the owner’s name.
    • Cats and dogs will spawn in tamed if they were eggified tamed.
    • Cats/Dogs persist their collar color.
    • Store the Main and Hidden Gene of Pandas when eggified.
    • Store the variant of each of the following entities on eggification, and display in lore: cats, parrots, rabbits, foxes, and mushroom cows.
    • Sheep will keep their dye color.
    • Foxes will not spawn with an item in their mouth from spawn eggs.
    • Old Villager Eggs will spawn as the farmer professsions. More Info
    • Utopia will now go through a full daytime cycle (excluding night). This changes away from the frozen time for the benefit of the new villager mechanics.
    • Utopia no longer gets thunderstorms due to the increased darkness which accompanies them.
    Residence Flags:
    • Added the new entities to existing entity related flags. Example: animaldamage:dolphin
    • Protect campfires, composters, and grindstones under the use flag. Require build flag for extinguishing with a shovel. Require ignite flag to light an extinguished campfire.
    • Add a use:beehive flag for limiting the harvesting of beehives/bee-nests.
    • Add a use:bell flag to… ring bells…
    • Add a container:lectern flag for placing/taking books.
    • Chorus flowers breaking from arrows is protected by the build flag.
    • When arrows trigger a residence permission error – we now try to give them the arrow back.
    • Smoker and Blast furnace are protected by the container:furnace flag.
    • Barrels are protected by the container:chest flag.
    • Added a spawn flag as an alternate to build flag for monster egg spawning.
    • Added a trade residence flag for controlling the usage of /trade.
    • Turtle Eggs cannot be trampled without build permission.
    • Access/Restrict signs apply to the appropriate new blocks.
    Miscellaneous changes from 1.12 mechanics:
    • RTS signs may wait a moment to teleport you until the destination location is completely loaded.
    • The maximum height to use fireworks while gliding was increased to y=300.
    • You no longer lose hunger on town roads.
    • Stable and horses is completely disabled for the games server.
    • Limit the number of large books allowed in a /vault page. The limit is based on the collective data size of the books, so the exact limit is not known. The calculation is based on 10 maximum sized books. The practical limit should be higher.
    • Due to upstream changes, the navigation row (7th row) of vault had to be eliminated. /vaults was improved to help navigation with this change.
      We will look at potentially bringing the 7th row back. I can't promise anything though.
      Icons are changed on the /vaults page now. Shift-right click to reset an icon.
    • Allow shulker boxes WITH contents to be transferred in /vault. Normal vault limitations apply PLUS blocking them if they contain a book.
    • Enabled some aspects of fire charges.
    • The meteor bow’s effects should now reflect the colors of the firework used.
    • Added more command completions for residence flags.
    • Certain renamed blocks will change when placed/broken. Previously strictly dropped the placed item. Example: Renamed grass block will now drop renamed dirt if not broken with Silk Touch. This includes other dirt type blocks, stripped logs, and carved pumpkins.
    Background code reworking:
    • We refactored a lot of our systems for this update. The following received major changes and are more susceptible to bugs: residence flags/permissions, shops, chat, and other code modernization.
    • Implemented Tons of Flattening code changes.
    • Add support for existing EMC features with new blocks/items/features.
      For example soulbound/final limitations.
    Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed some issues with death messages not showing the attacker's weapons properly. (Lore issues)
    • Fixed a bug where players could abuse residence limits by claiming multiple residences within seconds of each other.
    • Fixed a bug with residence tags related to subzones.
    • Try to kill Marlix’s bat earlier when Marlix disappears.
    • Better protect horses that are not on their home residence.
    • Due to a couple of unfinished details, it was decided this is not quite release ready. It is anticipated that we will release them within a couple weeks (dependent on severity of bugs found during this update).
    • Note: This is NOT outposts. This is about the guild-like concept which includes various features. To be elaborated about somewhere else at a later time.
  3. I want to give extreme gratification to Chicken for this update!

    Life has been a bit crazy for me lately and haven't been able to get the focus needed to finish this update, and Chicken saved the day by taking the runway for this and taking it to the finish line.

    Everyone give Chicken a huge round of applause.
  4. Yay! Thank you so much for your tireless work to deliver this. You have devoted so much time and energy in your free time, and we are all tremendously grateful.
  5. We're up and running!! :love: :<3:
    Thank you!!!!
  6. Thanks so much for this! Definitely worth the wait!

    On a side note: When the game credits have an 'and you' at the end of the thanks
  7. LOVE global chat! Great work guys!
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  8. This is amzing. Thank you to everyone who helped this update <3
  9. Awesome job guys! Glad to see the final product after all this time and effort :)
  10. Breath of a fresh new era :)
  11. Woohoo! Thank you all for the time and effort that you have put in. It is greatly appreciated! :D

    We will be updating the wiki over the next few days. Please be patient, because there is a lot to do. However, if there is anything that you believe we have missed or if you see a mistake, please contact me or AlexC__. :) Happy exploring!
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  12. Veeeerrrryyy nice.

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to the actual Minecraft account associated with this forum account/my unbanned alt smh (I gave it to my little brother and merely supervise it now lmao), but in another universe I’m having fun with cross-server chat and I’m definitely starting an underwater outpost in a freshly generated ocean.

    I can’t play on EMC anymore but even I’m happy this is finally here smh, thanks you lot xx
  13. Well done everyone. Get some well deserved rest - if that is possible!!! The crunch at the end is always the hardest - but the reward for success . . . . .

    Well worth the wait. Thanks for all of the hard work.
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  14. All hail the Chickeneer and all the staff for the work on this update! <3
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  15. Thank you so much chicken! You da best homie. I think that being on 1.12 was reducing the number of new players so now we should see lots of new faces.
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  16. Lots of hard work! Much Appreciated! :+1: :+1::+1: :+1:
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  17. Thank you so much chickeneer!
  18. I think the two best features are probably the universal chat and the ability to transfer shulkers. Thanks guys!!! ❤️
  19. I can’t wait to make my public xp farm with the new crops and xp mechanic, and also abuse the daylights out of some secret new mechanics that I hope paper didn’t break ;)