Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. The next update will fix several things. But it will not fix all of the lag... Notice my note in the OP.

    NOTE: The update is not perfect yet. Please help fight the lag. Avoid using any large redstone machines for a while. Don't fill your residence with bees/villagers. Consider exploring slower (those chunks have to be created...) Be careful, so we can work to fix the bugs - the devs will have to get some sleep sometime as well...

    Some fixes coming with this update...
    • Fix issues with the sticks spamming worldedit stuff. Use a Wooden Axe now to do subzone selections.
    • Fixed some minor issues with the /vaults interface.
    • Fixed horses/parrots not being able to be eggified untamed.
    • Fixed Global player settings not working.
    • Chanced some chat things. Altering the cross-server label. And shows up on the same server as you are.
    • Improve move/tp checks when you are teleporting to a residence.
    • Do not let water mobs (dolphins/fish) despawn in town.
    Again, those fixes will come when Aikar pushes them to the server after bit.
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  2. Will it fix dolphins despawning
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  3. Thanks for the updates again! :) And a (somewhat late) special thanks to chicken for allowing filled shulker boxes to be transferred in vaults!! :D

    Will it help people read and use a question mark after a question
  4. Whats sleep?

    Sleep is for the weak lol

    Get some rest you have more than earned it
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  5. Not saying you need to earn sleep
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  6. Lol. Forgot that was still in that post. Added that early this morning when Aikar/myself were both grabbing some sleep hoping that nothing exploded for a few hours.
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  7. Drowned fix didn't make it in the update tonight. Everything else I mentioned is though. More fixes will come tomorrow.

    This was fixed now.
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  8. You’re awesome Chicken, get some rest!
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  9. Whaaaat? :eek:
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  10. You're a gem Chicken!
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  11. Apparently villagers don't work on utopia? I've got mine set up with a bed, bell, and workstation and they haven't unlocked in about 40 minutes ._. I don't know if I've done something wrong or its broken
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  12. Send a message to pmdev.emc.gs with the residence number. I'll take a look.
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  13. Is the filled shulker boxes tranferable in vaults staying? If it is, that would be so helpful moving stuff server to server....

    And speaking of server to server/vaults - was anyone else missing vault tabs to go page by page? I had to manually type in /vault 1; /vault 17, etc to get to the different pages I have instead of just clicking the little arrows or on the chest to get the list of pages....

    Granted I haven't been on yet today so this may have been fixed already or is on Dev Team's Things To Fix list.....
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  14. This is a deliberate change. Because of the way that the update works, having navigation like we used to is no longer feasible. If you type /vaults it brings up an interface with all of your available vaults, and you can click on them from there. It's pretty nice!
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  15. I believe this is fixed now. I forgot to finish the day cycle change for utopia. That is done now though.
  16. Ohhhhhhhhhhh That's amazing!!! I will try that when I get home.... thank you!
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  17. Chickeneer and Aikar have been insanely busy, lol. Note my comment way above about sleep - I know all too well about this little detail. Been there done that.

    I really hope you two can catch some rest - combat naps help, but they're not a replacement for the sanity that real sleep brings.

    Thanks much to the two of you for bringing to the EMC community this great leap ahead - we don't all know quite how to express it, but it is Greatly appreciated. Thanks again . . .
  18. I am sad to report, after messing around with the server this morning.
    Bringing the 7th row of vault back will not be possible.
    Mojang changed their code to be more strict and only allow 'possible' chest sizes.