Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. Well, it has been fun over these last few years, but I will have to leave. My computer is unable to handle 1.15 graphics, so it looks like game over... I wish you all the best of luck, and for fun on future adventures... Bye. :(

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  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Even with turning all of the video settings to their minimum values?
    A quick google search came up with this tutorial video.
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  3. No luck; my PC doesn't support the Open GL that 1.15 uses. I would have to buy an entirely new computer.

    [UPDATE]: My brother is having the exact same problem, so it looks like we both might have to go. Also, for good news, I can stay active on the forums :D, the game, less so :(.
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  4. Aww, I'm sorry it's not working for you. I hope to see you around on the forums, and maybe in-game again someday. :)
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  5. Thanks mods! :D :D :D Been waiting for this for a while!
    U da Best!
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  6. Oh no :(...
    New computers can be expensive. I do not have any advise now...
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  8. It's OK, thanks for the help though. I will be on the forums though, so don't get your self down in the dumps :D.
    As for moremoople, maybe someday I might be back.
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  9. Have you tried OptiFine_1.15.2_HD_U_G1 Maybe it will help:D
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  10. His minecraft won't even start. It isn't because of lag.
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  11. That sucks :/ I'm curious, what is the hardware that is the issue here? It sucks that they've apparently increased the minimum"age" of hardware. :/
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  12. Amazing!
    And wow, that is a long list of changes. :D I commented on a few of the changes in the "Misc changes" bit.

    Wait, what does this mean? You can't gain hunger in town anyway, can you? :p
    The first: aw. :c The second: yay! c:
    I like that. :D

    I am excited about global chat!

    Heh, that's nice. :D

    I had the same when 1.8 was released! However, I asked a GPU for my birthday so I could keep playing. It's not high-end, and over 5 years old by now, but it can still run all versions of Minecraft. :) I hope you will be able to get an upgrade too. But I can imagine that it might not be affordable, or that the rest of your pc wouldn't support a newer graphics card.
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  13. You can gain hunger in town! If you get down on hunger in the wild/waste, walk to a protected zone, and then quickly teleport to town, you should see your hunger bar filling quickly. :) Also, in the past, you used to lose hunger on the town roads. This generally wasn't noticeable as you're only there for a short time, but if you stayed there for a while, it would certainly decrease! :)
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  14. Ah, you use 'hunger' to mean 'food', that's confusing. :p
    So you could actually gain hunger on town roads but not anywhere else in town. That's interesting, I don't think I ever noticed!
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  15. Have you tried updating your video driver? This is a piece of software that lets Windows talk to your Graphics Card. I think OpenGL is supposed to fake-it when the video card doesn't support something...
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  16. We're both confusing. This next part should be understandable:

    Before update:
    Town: gain steaks
    Town roads: lose steaks

    After update:
    Town: gain steaks
    Town roads: lose steaks -EDIT: GAIN :rolleyes:

    Does this make any sense? :p Steaks being the bar right of the hearts bar. :p
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  17. In expectancy of an edit: I hope something actually changed in the update. :p
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  18. I think you have a typo in what you said. You are saying it stayed the same...
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  19. I have to finish a project in about a day. I hope I'll be more sane when writing that... :p Thanks for the notice. :p
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  20. Have you tried downloading GeForce Now? You can't get mods or anything on it, and it might not save all of your settings, but it works on my piece of crap computer, and you can play (most) games on it without it using your own system resources
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