Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. All my promos and books/heads are in my vaults. I always get worried after an update about opening my vaults. I suppose I will wait lol
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  2. Was on my phone. Missed the comment about books. You should be fine. The limitation is only on putting them in vault. And it stops you before the limit is reached.
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  3. PSA. I missed converting pumpkin shops to Carved pumpkins. So you will have to recreate those shop signs.
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  4. Ugh ya I noticed that for my large pumpkin farms. Many hundreds of chests full. Will have to find a way to empty them all xD
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  5. Looks like a job that pays well lol

    Eyes look interested
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  6. Ya it's called super garbage disposal until empty xD
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  7. Pm me if you wish about the garage disposal until empty job
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  8. It's currently running and going well. Will take awhile though lol need to make sure they all get removed.
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  9. I might have found a possible bug... Before the update, if I changed chat channel and after that sent a message and there was lag of any form, it would always do the commands in order. Now it has sent the message BEFORE the change in chat channel multiple times - meaning the order of the commands was switched around somehow. This occurred while there was a low TPS. It also occurred when switching between local and residence channels.
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  10. An interesting observation. I need to think on this one.
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  11. If you're just sending one message in that channel, you can add @r or @l to the beginning of it without having to change chat channels. That's how I send almost all of my messages outside of Community chat. Bit annoying, but it's a workaround.
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  12. That will work for the time being. I will be fixing this issue as well though.
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  13. If you want an example from me, look at what I said on smp1 at 8:05:30 PM EMC time today. My last message, "yo" was sent after doing "/c l", but it ended up being sent before my chat was changed to local. TPS was approximately 12.5.

    I use that a lot too! :) Often I'll be actually properly changing to a chat though, so I want all my messages to go there. :p Also, "/c l" is easier than "@l" for me :p Pressing the 2 while holding shift is somehow slightly too far up for my hand to be as comfortable as "/c l". :p
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  14. PSA. It was just discovered that in the conversion process. Your old villager gained some extra data.

    In other words, those old eggs will all spawn a farmer villager. If you want something else, you will need to re-eggify and respawn.

    The consequence, is that the old eggs will not work on the same shop sign as the new ones. You will need to re-eggify them if you want to lose that data.
    I do not plan to 'delete' this extra data they gained.
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  15. Well that explains it. I have close to 2 DCs yet no can but from it. Going off that, have you noticed anything with shulkers? They cannot be bought through my signs as well.
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  16. idk, this is not the place to report bugs though.
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  17. When the bug fix update comes out later. It will fix the following.
    • Fix # shop issues. including displaying the correct name on the last line.
    • Uppercase games/utopia cross server chat label.
    • Fix an issue with the move flag.
    • Fix eggifying of parrots/horses.
    • /chat who for community/market chat just says EVERYONE now. (no way to know who will actually hear you)
      Will probably add a command later to display everyone that is online.
    • Fixed an issue with utopia's fly flag.
    • Fixed chat alerts at the beginning of chat messages.
    • Allow unused maps in shulker boxes in /vault.
    • Fixed bug with certain server names being printed twice.
    • Added /vault next and /vault previous (or /vault n and /vault p) commands.
    • Fixed a bug where you did not go to your bed when leaving the end.
    • Improved block igniting permission checks. Now not allowed to light fires near people in damageable areas.
    • Mitigated a vanilla crafting recipe book bug where items could get destroyed.
    • Do not show vanilla's respawn point set message (only use our message).
    • Other backend stuff you probably didn't notice.
    (And it is released)
    Created a new bug where pms are not purple...

    Edit 2:
    In addition, I am looking at a list of 11 things related to this update to improve. So I would expect another update in the next day. Going to sleep now though.
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  18. I'm loving the quick improvements. :D

    You can turn off your messages being broadcast to people on other servers, if I'm not mistaken. I think /chat who should (eventually) take this setting into account, both so if you have it on you only see the people on your server, and so if you don't have it on you don't see people on other servers that do.
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  19. Also, this suggestion has been denied and its thread closed already, but in the latest snapshot 0-tick farms have been removed. ;)
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  20. Good for Mojang!
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