[Suggestion] Enable Zero Tick Farms

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  1. Zero tick farms should be enabled. While they are VERY efficient for their cost, making it easy for players to gain large amounts of materials for cheap, when players need to gain VERY large amounts of materials, their alternative is to build humongous farms. For things like cactus or cane, this is no big deal.

    However, if I want to make a bamboo farm or kelp farm that can produce the 500k bamboo per hour that I need for a project, I'm looking at an absolute beast of a farm. Mostly due to flying machines and minecarts running in the hundreds.
    I understand that most people won't be building farms of this scale, but I imagine several dozen players will be building smaller versions that will still provide plenty of lag.

    Yes, Zero ticking is technically a bug, bug many bugs have been in the game and considered features. Quais-connectivity has been on EMC for ages and hasn't been patched out. Iron farms are built on a bug. Not to mention this isn't the most OP resource collection thing on the server, considering infinite durability voters items exist, as well as enraged mobs/boss mobs which can be farmed countless ways to obtain rare resources with easy and in abundance.

    Oh, and this is easy to change too. Its just a True/False option in the PaperMC config file.
    So lads and ladies, lets get our zero tick farms back. EMC is always disabling MC technical features, and never adding new ones. I understand the server needs to be balanced but the price of infinitely farmable materials like bamboo and cane will always be through the floor.
  2. They said recently they weren't planning on ever patching quasi connectivity out. For me personally if they've said they intend to patch it out then I see no reason EMC shouldn't just do it preemptively
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  3. A big -1 from me. If you need massive amounts of something, you need a massive farm. This just feels to cheaty to me. I'm glad they left them out.
  4. It’s not about the difficulty of the farm, it’s about the lag. I actually already have the materials prepared for the large version of the farm, I’m just hoping to avoid building something with literally 100 flying machines.
  5. if its a thing in mc why should we not have it in emc

    emc is vanilla right? well thats what it says on ad's
  6. Knew this post would be coming from someone.

    The answer is no. It's a bug and something Mojang will fix in the future. We see no reason to allow buggy behavior when they've acknowledged it wasn't intended.

    Paper fixed it so we kept the fix.
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