Empire update to 1.15 - The Aquatic Buzzy Village update!

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  1. Funny you say that, last week for one day they were doing their thing as they do in my single player world.
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  2. Yeah they worked at first because the entity activation range was broken. They fixed it.
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  3. Guessing single player worlds are different than the servers. Seems broke to me
    edit - Golem too.
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  5. Spigot defaulted villagers to be immune to activation range to let villagers do their thing.
    The issue is, villagers then cause a ton of lag...

    Once time is allowed, we will see about giving them periodic immunity to let them do some work, but we can not tolerate pure vanilla behavior here.

    Nerfing Villagers is why we aren't melting as much anymore on TPS, sorry but villagers are not important enough to justify leaving servers at < 10 TPS
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  6. Ok, so this is why iron farms aren't working, I assume? The reason I'm asking I don't want to waste a lot of time getting villagers up there for nothing. I do understand the reason y'all needed to nerf now. Thanks!
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  7. Chickeneer
    • The minimum Maximum height to use fireworks while gliding was increased to y=300.
    When teleporting around sometimes the lighting is super dark. Re-teleporting to the same location fixes this.
    Another low priority thing I noticed is flowers floating in the air while exploring the waste.

    A /who command to see everyone on. Like /who all or /who g (global)
  8. To add to this, maybe make /newplayers cross-server?
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  9. I didn't know that command even existed. :) But, i think that'd definitely be a worthy suggestion.
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  10. Not sure if it's meant to not function but creating a teleport sign does not work when you're doing "teleport" on the first line and a res number on the second. Even trying to teleport to an "@" location doesn't work. The sign breaks and says "you must use /res tpsign to pick a destination first"
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  11. Yeah. This was a bug accidentally introduced during mid-day update. Next update will fix this.
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  12. Thanks for the prompt reply. Will let you know if i find more.
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  13. When you press shift, it seems to trigger twice. The same when interacting with a chest for example, the hand "hits" the chest twice. Is this a known issue?
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  14. Just checking: have you attempted to replicate this in a single player world?
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  15. Yup. Happens only on EMC.
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  16. any plans to eggify wandering villager/traders? or egg their caravans?
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  17. Is there anything code wise that let's you check to see which places the villagers are causing lag? Like town vs wild vs waste? I think a fix could possibly be increasing the range in the wild vs in town? This would fix iron farms and possibly not cause too much lag? Not sure, so I thought I'd ask
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  18. I've so far found and had to deal with them in both. So i don't think it would help.
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  19. Will the activation range effect iron farms and if so will this be permanent?
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  20. Keep in mind that Mojang made changes to completely remove limits for the activation of the villagers. Spigot added strict limits. All EMC has done in this case is provide a somewhat middle ground due to performance. There is no reason to have them completely unlimited as mojang has, at the cost of laggy gameplay.
    As for the changes being permanent, there will be some changes that will remain. We are doing our best to create a balance that is fair, but you will not regain total loss of limits again unless something major fixes under the code. (info taken from another thread)
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