Empire Newsletter: October 2023

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  1. Spooky season is upon us!! Throw on your costume, grab your candy bag, and hop into this month's newsletter!

    Community Teams
    Do you want to join a Community Team? Click here to learn more!

    Staff Team
    • chickeneer recently released a poll to decide how often the waste should be reset. The results indicated that people want to stick to the 4 month reset schedule, so keep an eye out for a waste reset announcement!
    Developer Team
    • EMC is still on 1.20.1, but you can connect with a 1.20.2 client. Check out the Upgrading to a Current MC Version Wiki page if you need help changing your version!
    Remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    A Day in the Life of a Staff Member Writing Contest
    Thank you to everyone who participated in the writing contest, and congratulations to the winners! Check out the contest thread to see who won. Prizes will be sent out soon, and the books will be available to view at /v moremoople-2 library on /utopia.

    Shoot for the Stars: Build an Elytra Course
    The Elytra Courses are in and it's time to judge! Join me on Sunday, October 22nd to tour all of the submissions. Thanks to everyone who submitted a course! View the thread for more details.

    Event Schedule
    • Sunday, October 22nd (3:30 PM EMC time): Elytra Course Tour!
    • Saturday, October 28th (10:00 PM EMC time): Death Event!
    • Friday, November 3rd (10:00 PM EMC time): Build a Base!

    Thank you for reading the newsletter! Happy October! Don't eat toooo much candy. ;)

    What did the skeleton bring to the dinner party?

    Spare ribs!

    Who always wins Halloween dance contests?

    The boogie man!

    What do you call spiders after they get married?

    Newly webs!
  2. Thank you all for your patience as I worked on the newsletter. You may have noticed that there is only one event per week this month -- I am currently a college student, and this semester has been incredibly busy. Although my time is limited right now, I hope to return to hosting more events in the future as time allows! I appreciate you all, and I wish you an excellent spooky season! See you around. :D
  3. Looking forward to it!
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  4. Should be fun!
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  5. Wait it's October? Since when????
  6. Its going to be a great time seeing all the cool builds!
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  7. As always.. great newsletter with lots of useful bits and the jokes are top notch dad jokes for sure. :rofl: :lmao: Always appreciated. => There really are some great builds happening and I'm hoping more will pop up over this weekend.

    Also .. that's a stellar drawing for the newsletter Moople. =D hehehe
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