[CONTEST] Shoot for the Stars: Build an Elytra Course!

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  1. View the Elytra courses and vote for your favorite!
    Elytra Course Tour on October 22nd, 2023 at 4:30 PM (EMC time)
    It's time to spread your wings and fly! Craft an epic elytra course and challenge the community to soar through the skies. :D

    Deadline: September 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 PM (EMC time)

    • You may work in teams of up to three players. If a team wins, each member on the team will receive the prize for the position they placed in.
    • The start and end of the elytra course must be clearly indicated. If additional instructions are needed to clarify the path of the course, please make sure to include them.
    • The elytra course must fit within a 120 x 120 block area.
    • The elytra course must be built somewhere on EMC. Locations of the elytra courses will be publicly released, so make sure it's in a place you are okay with other people visiting!
    • You may only submit one elytra course.
    • 1st Place: 250,000 rupees and an additional prize -- name to be determined.
    • 2nd Place: 100,000 rupees
    • 3rd Place: 50,000 rupees
    • A prize will be sent out to ALL participants who qualify (actually give effort). That item is still in the decision phase.
    • The entries will be judged by members of the staff team, and a community vote will also be held via the forums.
    • The winners will be determined by a combination of the community vote and staff input.
    Submit your elytra course here: https://forms.gle/8uUSRD8SD9d1BmTG9
  2. aww, going travelling, dont think I`ll have time to create one. Looking forward to trying out the courses though!
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  3. maybe a sugestion but a elitra that leaves a trail for exsample the warden shoot particles but u cant lose it so its soulbound and u can maybe add enchants and it does not have to be unbreacckeble since elitras cant break or like break to lose the item
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  4. This sounds like a blast for a contest. I just wish I hadn't seen it 9 days before the end. I know this sorta can't be built on the SMPs unless you got 4 res's in a square so the frontier? Can you make it on a Utopia res? I may not hit the deadline but I am thinking about building something even if it is late for the contest. Sounds like fun work. I been looking for something new to do anyway. Edit: I can't count. 7 days. lol
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  5. Utopia res is fine as well!
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  6. One day left to submit an elytra course! I can't wait to fly through them! :D
  7. oof 1 day that gona be a stretch lol
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  8. An event to tour the elytra courses will be held on Sunday, October 22nd at 3:30 PM! Check them out during the event or on your own, and then vote for your favorite! The vote will close on Sunday, October 29th at 11:59 PM.

    Vote here: https://forms.gle/mwDAW1m7vinA3D2h6
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  9. am i missing something here or is there 3 submissions. on mobile so idk if that has something to do with it
  10. There were a total of 3 submissions, yes.
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  11. I didn’t realize I was the only one who made theirs in the wild…. Uhhhhh welp LOL it’s not a far distance so don’t be afraid to go to it!
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  12. Bonnie's elytra course appears to have move off
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  13. I will let her know, thanks!

    EDIT: move should be on now.
  14. Why were you up so late?
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  15. Hey all! Sorry for the late notice, but the tour event is delayed by one hour. It will start at 4:30PM.
  16. Couldn't make it to the tour but goodluck to all the participants! :)
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  17. When will the results be announced?
  18. Well, finally made it on to try the courses out, enjoyed them, but had some tough spots Ill say.
    Too late to vote, but thanks to all the entrants, and Good Luck! o/
  19. Thank you all so much for your participation in the Elytra Course Contest! All of the entries were so unique and fun to fly through. :D It was a very close call, but our winners are...

    MissBonnieParker, GreenMeanie, and TheCritic are in 3rd place with their very unique dropper-like elytra course!

    SteamingFire glided into second place with a classic elytra course that goes up, down, and allllll around!

    Congratulations to Trwe! Their submission was a winter-themed elytra course that provided a fun challenge. :D
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  20. Are the courses open for players to visit? If so, what are the residence addresses? I'm bad at elytra but I'd still like to see them! :D
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