Bonus Chests are Not eligible items in the Marketplace

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  1. Hello Empire.

    It has long been our policy with all transactions of rupees that you must know what you are getting for your money.
    This applies for all games, redstone contraptions, and auctions.
    For this reason we've had the Games Rules update.
    Additions to Auctions rulings on 'Blind Auctions', this also applies to 'Blind Sales'

    With this in mind a Bonus Chest is in essence a wrapper for an item, resulting in a cloak being cast on the items real name.

    As such I'm issuing a reminder to all.

    Bonus Chests are NOT to be sold, bought, auctioned or traded for goods.

    If you have a Bonus Chest thread please report it and ask for it to be closed. If new threads are seen to be made they will be closed.
    Attempting to bypass this ruling will be met with punishment as fits rule 4 & 5.

  2. Spread the word!
  3. This should be put on the home page for a short while.
  4. I know this is a tough question but I feel it necessary to ask: What about the promo collectors of the future?
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  5. the chests will be sold through the black market
    jk; I assume the bonus chests can be sold to people who are collecting them, not to people who are just looking to buy bonus chests just for the item(s) inside.
  6. I dunno who even thought selling them for the items inside would be a good idea. I'm doubting you could get 2k off of one, even with the special lore.
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  7. This rule, like all the others on the Empire, is primarily meant to protect (newer) players from getting scammed. To quote Aikar (not literally): ""I pay 30k for your chest, that's a LOT of rupees", and then it turns out that the chest contained a voucher or Momentus toothpick, etc. Well worth 100k and more.".

    --Red Text--

    Just my 2 cents mind you.

    --Removed false information ~ B4DMAN5IMON
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  8. Ok I get and I agree about the chest being sold because it's a huge gift and it took a huge amount of things for staff and akiar to set this up but I think people should do what they want with there chest it's there's in all honesty there nothing you can say or do and it won't stop it being a secret of them being sold or something in some way just saying but like I said I am they type who believe you shouldn't sell your chest but ok
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  9. Normally I would agree with you, but there are ways players can tell whats inside, and knowingly sell them for below the price of the items inside. This policy is to prevent players from scamming newer players by telling them there's a special item inside.
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  10. Ya I see your point no doubt about its not like people won't do as they wish with there chest if a person gets scammed they can do all they wish to report that person but the chest alone is like a promo and it won't stop being for doing as they wish it's in there hands now that's how some people are as soon as I got on people try to take my chest and I flat told them heck no because I appreciate what EMC does for us some people need to be wise and just appreciate what EMC does for the people and not sell everything that comes there way no matter how many rupees I have 0 maybe millions I wouldn't give away my promos maybe for a gift box to get someone what they want but won't ever give it up
  11. To Reiterate as some in this thread are making their own rules already.

    Bonus Chests are NOT to be sold, bought, auctioned or traded for goods.

    These chests are part of an event and not meant as an item.

    You are welcome to trade the contents of the chest as you feel fit once opened, but trading the chest itself is in breach of the 'Blind Sales' ruling.

    Note To collectors; If you want a display item then don't open your own chests, you may not purchase new ones.
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  12. I'm perfectly fine with fallowing any rules. I understand I opened mine happily and didn't sell to anyone. Nor am I complaining I just know EMC enough to know what people are gonna do regardless because some people can't fallow rules. Tomi is a good noodle :)
  13. What about future promo collectors and museum owners? How are they meant to obtain them if they weren't around when this happened?
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  14. I own many one off, single creation items from special events in the past,
    Do current promo owners own them? The answer is no and the wiki supports me on this.

    You can not own every item in the EMC game as much as some people may try.
    So please, do not try to fight this the decision has been made.
  15. To add onto this, many people "loan" their items to museums to support them. Players need only seek out those that hold onto their chests and graciously ask. Also, they may not be sold but they could very well be gifted, dropped at drop parties, become prizes for events. There are still many things to do with these besides sell them.
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  16. <--- Noodle :p

    Keep in mind, that if you are contemplating some wonky workarounds in your own mind, and attempt to justify actions that are forbidden to take, when you get caught doing this, you will be banned, so fair warning. Heed the staff's warnings regarding this.

    If you have some question about 'if something is allowed or not allowed' then bring it up to staff in a convo, instead of chancing being banned and having your account reset.
  17. I guess it would have to be 100% donation.
  18. Maybe it is because your issue was dealt with and this is not the place for your "stolen" post?:)

    //double post
  19. - Cleaned Thread of off-topic posts. Please keep comments geared towards questions related to the OP (all should be answered already).
  20. Hey but my camp fire marshmallow part wasn't off topic it could of gone towards anything well that's ok I guess at least it's clean thanks Badmansimon
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