Bonus Chests are Not eligible items in the Marketplace

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  1. Thank you for removing my on-thread post as well, where I stated my opinions and feelings. Glad to see this is how EMC deals with criticism.
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  2. The post you are referring to contained 4 words related to the Op
    The other 326 words were geared towards being upset about loosing items to a player you gave admin to.
    I suggest you read the wiki as stated in the tutorial before giving perms out to players again.

    Also a snippet from that page for you;
  3. Would any staff be willing to buy my unwanted chests for 5k each because I've a lot of lost money buying them now that the new rules are in place?

    I don't care if you're allowed to sell them but this is very unfair to players who bought bonus chests with cheap items in the hopes to resell them later.
  4. The entire thing was geared towards this thread. I was presenting my dislike of this rule, as well as all the other baby rules, by presenting a relevant analogy and allusion. It was a criticism of how staff are treating players like babies and only focusing on new members, which is completely true. Now, as I have told you and other staff members many times, the only person who had admin on my res was my alt. I don't want to bring up that discussion here, though, so why don't you read what I said in the PM.
    Anyway, -1 for the poorly thought out and executed rule, which in my opinion is designed to baby players, especially new ones, and takes away from the free market.
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  5. Verbally it could have been taken that way, but meaning wise your intentions were clear.
    This rule has been in place for a long time now, it was just clarified and applied to these new items because people were selling them. The rule has always been that you can't have blind sales (ie something like storage wars).
    This rule is a rule aimed at preventing people from being scammed and tricked. This is not meant to be aimed at new players, this is aimed at any and all trusting players. You don't have to be new to the server to get scammed.
    Not all cases can have closure where all sides feel like justice has been served. The system is in place to prevent innocent players from being punished while knowing some people will not get justice. That is just how it is. Bringing it up multiple times and vaguely moaning about it in other threads is not going to help you in any way, it can only hurt your image as a mature player. Bury the hatchet and be done with it, holding a grudge is just going to cause you to stress over something that nothing can be done about.
  6. Good thing I wasn't a part of the problem hehe still enjoying the loot :3
  7. I was thinking there could be problems with these chests in regards to selling and auctions, and agree they should be opened first and the contents can then be sold. You should always know what you are buying. Nice update
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  8. I want aware of this rule.... Do I have to get my chests back or something :p
  9. Lol no when it was set into a rule I'm pretty sure what ever has been done to the chest has been done. But applause for the try lol
  10. I'm glad I didn't attempt to buy any of these then ^_^

    I think this is a fair rule, it helps prevent people from scamming others, especially new players who haven't a slightest clue what they're getting in to!
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  11. But we know what we are buying... a Bonus chest...
    I think I am missing the point of this :3
    Anyways I dont really mind :p, I wasnt planning to buy or sell those (at least not in the near future).
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  12. 59 bonus chests and they're worth nothing. Another great rule...
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  13. Great Rule. =] The 15 chests were all free! :D A gift for being part of a great community. Wow!! How awesome is that!!!

    On a side note: If you chose to buy chests (before the rule) then it's on you. It's all part of business really. Sometimes those deals fall through but you still have the chests. Open them up and see what ya got.
  14. I am going to vent, a little, within reason, but I need this off my chest.
    For the record: this has not been my best weekend, but Simon made it a lot better by posting this (the wiki quote) because I recognize who worded that section. Me. Worded. I didn't make it up, I just rephrased and styled it.

    So about those rules. I just want to present some evidence that when it comes to applying the rules the staff do not discriminate between anyone. Not even team members. Like I said; this isn't my best weekend, I got carried away. Twice :(

    Pick this up as you will. But I think this example speaks for itself.

    All I have to say about my mishaps is: "I'm sorry about it, I'll keep myself better in check next time and avoid certain topics during the weekend.".

    My advice: try to keep in mind why we have these rules in place. They're not there to get you (or me) but to keep the peace and make sure everyone has a good time on EMC. It may not seem fair at times but honestly... Sometimes these issues are beyond one single player like you or myself. Sometimes our actions can set things in motion which we wouldn't even think of.

    So I'd suggest doing what I did: check where you went wrong, check how it happened and try to avoid doing it again next time. Optionally saying you're sorry. Which I am actually. But basically dropping the subject altogether.

    For the record: I'm not going to comment any further on this. It's a very delicate subject and I honestly do want to avoid making any further mistakes drama.

    But I had to get this off my chest.
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  15. You know what you're buying, but the sellers don't know what they're selling:

    Seller: What do I do with my bonus chest?
    Buyer: Sell it to me, I give you 60 *thousand* rupees, that is a LOT of money!
    Seller: oh wow! ok!
    Buyer: Yaaay, a gold supporter voucher came out, some auctions got 169k out of it!

    Buyer got nearly double the money than the seller. Not quite fair.

    This works both ways:

    Seller: Yaay, I found out what's in the rest of my chests! (no worries; I learned my lesson, not a literal example but still useful). Has to be obsidian.
    Seller: I sell a chest and I know its a gold voucher (lie). Those sell for 169k easily!
    Buyer: Oh wow, can I pls buy for 20k?! its all I have but I really want to go gold!
    Seller: Sure thing, pay me 20,000 and were good!
    Buyer: (thinks): WHAT? I got 1 stack of obsidian for 20,000r? :(

    THAT is the potential problem.

    And it saddens me, honestly, that players would do this :confused:

    Trust me on this: there are ways to do this. I had a post removed because of this (no hard feelings, just providing an example). I know what I am talking about. (and no; I'm not proud of my mishap at all, but will use it to help other players understand).
  16. ah that cleared things up :)
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  17. Hm. Odd. I understand people don't like this. Maybe it's fair though.
    I have a question: is my alternate account (OrangeDuck607) allowed to give the chests it got to me? Or will we both be punished for it if it gives them to me?
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  18. I think that is not an issue. If you have 2 or 10 alt accounts... It's still you. It's your stuff. Besides... Your giving it to yourself not selling, trading, etc... it to yourself.
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  19. sounds pretty fair
  20. Lol haha that was funny great job bravo I loved it!!!!
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